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  1. Danny Des's Avatar
    1 out of 5...

    nuff said
  2. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    Not even close dude. Nice try
  3. Sondreg's Avatar
    2 week buildup? Kane vs Undertaker / Nexus vs Cena and Daniel bryan vs Miz has been going on for months.
    Get a clue pls
  4. Tai Night's Avatar
    Damn son you was wrong on all accounts, tough luck.
  5. merhardt03's Avatar
    Dude. Ur predictions are pretty much all off. Lol
  6. VKM's Avatar
    Well it turns out that Cena is with Nexus
  7. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    It your money, but with a crappy 2 week build up, I dont know why you would drop $50 on this. Orton's not going to have a 2 week title run, I want to agree with the Cena match, but then what the fuck was the point of Nexus? Couldn't care less about the other matches at all. Non of the titles mean anything and part 11 of the Kane v Undertake feud is boring to say the best. Ahh WWE makes no sense anymore...
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