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Eddy Parera

  1. Hell in a Cell Predictions: Big surprise at the end of the show.

    First of all, remember, it's Octuber.

    I'm ordering this PPV as I think it will be.

    World Heavyweight Title Hell In A Cell Match:
    Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker

    Winner: The Undertaker.

    The Undertaker will finally beat Kane, as his power came back with Paul Beaver. I never understood what that urn means but ok, that "gives" Darkness ...
  2. Lance Cade's Death, WWE's Rating Policy, and Summerslam Predictions

    We've seeing news about everything and about everyone in wrestling, and just we think at our own way, and I'll write my way.

    About Lance Cade's death: It's just a bit weird to talk about him, because I never saw him fighting, only one time against DX in 2006, in the DX DVD Pack. So I'll pass this thread.

    About WWE's PG Policy: I think WWE has to change, I see people talking ...

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