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  1. Wars's Avatar
    Fire what guys over 40??? EV2? think again...
    Ric Flair? Paul knows damn well how dumb that would be.
    If only Paul actually agreed to come to TNA, he wanted full control of the company and wanted to bring in former ROH president and current VP of Dragon Gate USA, Gabe Sapolsky as well as former WWE advisor and writer Dave Lagna. He had a 5 year plan which i found extremely interesting, I quote the following from an interview: "It came real close with TNA. To me, it was more of a deal with Spike TV and then a stock and ownership deal involving TNA. I had a five-year plan. I was going to spend 18 months building the roster, the next 18 months exploiting that built roster, that's three years in, go public in three, stay for two more running it and get out at 50 [years old]. That was my plan. I had an exit plan. I had a five-year plan and I clued everyone into it. I told TNA what my plan was and I told Spike TV what my plan was and how we would capitilaze on it and how we would make this thing move and an acknowledgement that wrestling is a diminishing market and it's not perceived as cool and here's how you, if not change course, at least present it differently so that at least you have a chance in today's marketplace to at least compete.

    "When that didn't happen, that was it. I didn't have any other interest in doing it. It was close. I would have done it for that particular deal and that's it. That time passed. Now I'm looking at taking my abilities elsewhere and the logical step for me is this entry point right now both into MMA and into also just the branding world."

    Look at the opportunity Dixie missed as well as Spike TV. He called it quits for wrestling and went onto the world of MMA and Strikeforce. So if TNA and Spike accepted the offer, where would TNA stand? That's right, real competition to Vince McMahon and not have those who lack in talent stand in the way. He'd fire all those over 40 (I'm not so sure for Kurt Angle though) and keep everyone else who are in the peak of their career.

    This is just what I think though....

  3. Freder's Avatar
    I hope Gunnar and Murphy will officially become part of Immortal. They need to drop the security gimmick and wrestle. I'd rather see them in the tag team division than Ink Inc or Team 3-D (Devon is still great, Ray can't wrestle any more though and should retire.)
  4. Daniel Wilkinson's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting on my post, i agree with the majoirty of what you say. When i posted this blog i should have been asleep as it was 4am UK time. When i talk about the possible scnerios for the ending of this story line i am only offering out possibles & not saying that A mine are likely or B i know what i am talking about. I do however wish to clear up that when i talk about NWO overkill i do not want Hogan/Bischoff to ruin the plot like they did with it on WCW. But for now they have not done that be you & i know that they may well do in future.
  5. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Interesting blog, though there are some parts I don't agree with...

    I am pretty sure that the immortal group has grown to it's maximum size already as there doesnt seem to be anyone else on the rosta that they could call upon. So the focus for me will be how they reunite EV2.0/RVD & get them all going in a straight forward good versus evil battle.
    It shouldn't have happened at all. Bishoff, who lied to everyone, stole the title from RVD and stole the company from Dixie, told RVD that he shouldn't trust his team, and HE BELIEVED HIM?!? There should be no reason RVD should even think EV2.0 would betray each other. But watch as Bishoff was telling the truth on that...

    I think we are going to see a rerun of the 'alliance' hostile takeover on WWE with Paul Heyman et al. Ironically with the discussions between Heyman & TNA ongoing he could only come in front of the camera on TNA at the moment as a face character, something i could'nt imagine.
    Two things: 1- The Alliance Storyline sucked. One side was made a joke and only stood a chance when some from the winning side joined them. 2- Paul is asking for a lot of power which won't be acceptable in RL for Bishoff or Hogan.

    Eventually the tag teams will have to be split up accordling so everybody on the rosta is one side or the other. TNA i dont think can copy WCW by keeping wrestlers out of the two groups as they simply do not have enough quality to be able to do that.
    They do. And they must. To build a show about one Storyline is a big no-no. People will get sick of the story in a much shorter time if there is no other storyline to keep them occupied.

    For me this plot ensures 6 - 12 months of decent TNA viewing but if they wander to the ring in big groups, talk trash & bugger off after five minutes a few too many times then it's WCW/NWO overkill/boredom.
    So far the past two weeks were just that. And you know who caused the nWo overkill? Bishoff and Hogan.

    I tolerated Hogan and Bishoff when they didn't do much, but now it's back to when they were in power in WCW and I just can't watch it anymore.
  6. faby119's Avatar
    i think we fan should write more about tna just like daniel. good writting
  7. Gansher's Avatar
    Good read mate! Keep them coming
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