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  1. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    Yeah I heard bret was avalible on the U.S version of the game but only if you bought it at best buy(a exclusive)so I wonder how long it will take for it to be avalible for everyone to buy?
  2. REAL MVP 2010's Avatar
    I still want the Bret Hart edition from canada!!!!! everyone keeps bullshitting me on it.
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    Yes I am on the same page with the no title matches in exhibition. I miss that.
    WWE Universe is kind of lame. You can't change match participants because you don't get the unlockables if you do. Stick with the card the CPU gives you and the unlockable wrestlers show up after match is completed. Which means to me you can't really create and build rivialries. Plus, watch out for tag teams cuz if you put tag partners in separate singles matches, they will move in rankings for singles titles whether they win or lose.
    Road to Wrestlemania is kinda lame but I hafta like it and go through all of them because I wanna unlock the legends.
    And tag team champions. Problem because tag members come to ring separately when holding belts. When not holding belts is the only time teams enter as a team.
    However, ladder matches are so much easier to work because now you ain't gotta stand on top of ladder for 10-15 minutes waiting for that red metter to slowly trickle down. It takes less than a minute now to get anything down.
  4. macstar77's Avatar
    i bought the all the unlockables in the shop but everything is still locked wtf?
  5. Pittbull's Avatar
    This is what Universe mode is for! As in WWE you have to earn a title shot and get a chance at the belt, making good rivalrys and storylines along the way! Best SVR I have played in ages!

    The new money in the bank matches are awesome, leaning ladders on the ropes and bodies crashing through tables from the tops of ladders is brilliant!
  6. SaberToothTigerz's Avatar
    I heard you can download something to get infinite attritube points
    Can someone clear that up to me?
  7. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    Hi I finally opened mine and bought everything on the game except Bret Hart and that leads to another question about this game does anyone know how to unlock Bret?
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