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Adam H

  1. A Note to Creative: Ways I'd Tweak WWE's Roster

    Here's my take one what to do with some of the current WWE roster who seem to be... not doing anything:

    Tyson Kidd & Evan Bourne
    Pair up Evan Bourne & Tyson Kidd as a heel tag team when Evan returns, managed by Paul Heyman. Have them start a rivalry with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio Jr which ultimately has the two teams facing each other for the tag titles at WM.
  2. Cena & The Rock versus Punk & Stone Cold at WM 2013

    To the point, here is my suggestion for the main event at WM:

    Rock and Cena versus CM Punk and Stone Cold
    Punk and Stone Cold win, but Undertaker shows up. He knocks out CM Punk post match and celebrates with Stone Cold -- and all the legends applaud The Undertaker's official retirement

    How Cena and Rock team up: Cena helps Rock after getting jumped by Punk at an earlier ...

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