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  1. A Running Journal of TNA iMPACT - 10/21/2010

    Last week, I wrote a blog that generated some conversation -- good and bad. The basis behind my post was that I had some questions about TNA that I needed answered. Some of the readers gave me what they thought to the answers and others called me a "mark." Reason being? I said I was a WWE guy.

    So, I decided to take some advice and expand my wrestling horizons. I wanted to ...

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  2. Help Me Solve my TNA Mysteries

    Let me get this out of the way: I'm a WWE guy. Always have been. Which is what leads me to having a multitude of questions about TNA. I've followed the product enough over the years to gain some sort of knowledge about what's going on over at TNA but I'm not what some would call "die hard."

    There was a point where I did follow TNA for few months. Of course, I still remained ...

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  3. The WWE Championship gets around

    This is my first blog post on the eWrestlingNews website. I saw a post where a site administrator wanted more bloggers, so I decided to help. I would like to post once or twice a week and I'm hoping my columns will generate some sort of conversation, whether it be good or bad.

    Does anyone remember the New Generation era in WWE? It was during the mid-1990s, the last time the WWE would ...

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