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  1. Brett1N's Avatar
    First, I never said I didn't like the performers, I just hate the storyline. I also never said they weren't talented. Who knows how well they'll get over, but this gimmick they have doesn't exactly scream "World Champion." Steve Austin was going no where as 'The Ringmaster,' he got repackaged and became a star.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I did this once on a different forum. I just want to speak my mind on "The Shore"... I don't give a fuck whether you like them or not... they got fucking talent... its just a shame that the gimmick immediately turns people away.

    I mean.. the fans were chanting "BORING" before he even started talking. That is just retarded. And it shows how bad some people just hate the Jersey Shore idea in general. The guy has mic skills and is just fine in the ring.
  3. Hesterica's Avatar
    I love it as well. Just add a bit more details on what you are writing though. Sometimes by using "he", "she" or "it", the reader won't immediately get what you are referring to. Overall, 8/10 dude.
  4. Brett1N's Avatar
    Thanks, nrb, I appreciate that. I'll be doing this again, I'm just not sure when or what show.
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    This...this is art....this....this is freaking beautiful my friend, do this again. I almost want to steal this and do it for tonight's bragging rights
  6. Xpacfan's Avatar
    I'm a WWE guy. Always have been.
    Mystery solved
  7. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    Heres what I always do because wwe has some wrestlers I like and tna has some wrestlers I like so I watch them both...end of story and if there is a match or segment I dont like I just skip it.
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