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  1. Mr. Kennedy: One of A Kind

    Mr. Kennedy has been in the ring for almost 10 years. For four years at the beginning of his wrestling career, he was worked as an independent jobber for Sunday Night Heat, Velocity and Jakked. And after wrestling for over six years, WWE finally signed him to a developmental contract.

    After signing this contract, Mr. Kennedy has reached the fans whether he was a heel or a face. His ...
  2. The Marks of WWE

    After BFG, many people criticized TNA for their Jeff Hardy, Bischoff and Hogan heel turn angle. However, these same people would rather watch the stale product called WWE.

    WWE is just like Bill Gate's Windows. Sure, we do have an alternative (Steve Job's Mac) but we insist on pulling ourselves back into Windows. It doesn't take much to see that WWE is a very stale product. Week after ...
  3. TNA October 14 2010 Review

    After Bound For Glory, which i did not watch, I tuned into watch TNA. It's been a long time since I actually watched TNA on Thursdays. When i read the Bound For Glory results on EWN, I was amazed at the finish. Before BFG, I didn't care who was Abyss's "They". I figured it would be some thrown together stable like they do most of the time. When I read the Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Anderson ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Is Wrestlemaina too hard to predict?

    For weeks I've been hearing about an upcoming unification of the two world titles of the two brands in the WWE. My opinion, is that without a doubt, it should be highly considerable. With the unification of the world titles, there would be more worthy contenders for the world title and the possibilities for dream matches are endless. So why not do it. But the only questions are when and where? My ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
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