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  1. TNA: 47 Easy steps to become the #1 Wrestling Company

    I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Chris Jericho's new book. And I decided that it would be good to have book or blog that list the steps for TNA to become the #1 Wrestling company. Here they are

    1. Get rid of Hulk Hogan
    2. Get rid of the Karen/Jarret vs. Angle storyline
    3. Get rid of Vince Russo
    4. Get rid of Jeff Hardy
    5. Get Ric Flair out of ...
  2. My revised X Division

    The TNA x division has been apart of TNA since the beginning and it is not secret that the X division is what made TNA survive against all of the critics who doubted they would have a successful company. However, ever since early 2009, the x division has been reduced to just a memory.

    TNA has made a bad mistake on their part. If the X division is what gave them so much success, then ...
  3. The Marks of WWE

    After BFG, many people criticized TNA for their Jeff Hardy, Bischoff and Hogan heel turn angle. However, these same people would rather watch the stale product called WWE.

    WWE is just like Bill Gate's Windows. Sure, we do have an alternative (Steve Job's Mac) but we insist on pulling ourselves back into Windows. It doesn't take much to see that WWE is a very stale product. Week after ...

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