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    Quote Originally Posted by 2xtreme
    That was never in any doubt
    Hes one of the hardest workers in the biz but have to agree with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    Cena sucks...end of thread
    That was never in any doubt
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    Cena sucks...end of thread :)
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    Im guessing Cena is the younger generations Hogan. I loved Hogan back in the day and still do (I know, I know I can't help it). He was the ultimate good guy and the kids loved him for it but the purists hated him for his limited moveset and the fact he was certain to win (sound familiar). Maybe he does need a heel turn for him to show that he has a larger moveset if he has one.

    Back on topic though. Like anything in life people are inclined to dislike what is popular so this blog does have a point. Any wrestler who gets a certain degree of popularity with the fans is going to get picked apart. To use the example of music people can follow a band for years and as soon as they 'make it' they hate them because they're popular and everyone likes them. Think I may have waffled a bit though ha
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    I like the post and subsequent comments; I actually kind of like Cena, my only problem with him is the unbearable repetitiveness of his matches (i.e. 15 minutes of getting beat down, come back with the 5 moves of doom). I think a great story-line would be for Cena to go on a losing streak. Start off with him getting counted out or cheap DQs and progress to a couple of flat out losses. It could re-establish him as an underdog...or at the very least go in a different direction without compromising the WWE's most popular persona.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihltygre
    Xpacfan ,it's about how we as internet based wrestling fans feel about Stars. Dude buy a life cause you need one.
    Tittle97, that's what i worry about , they had him almost lose to a 55 yr old man... if they were serious about selling him as a skilled wrestler Lawler would never have gotten close, it made him look weak, orton fighting out of his finisher through the table made him look weak, and the fact that Cole loves him makes him look weak AND gay
    LOL! I know, watching him fight Lawler on Raw was strange to say the least...I never expected his first televised title defense to be against him, be a TLC match for hyping the ppv AND make him win due to interference from....COLE???? My g/f actually thought Lawler was gonna win the entire time. The whole match she was cheering for King and really really thought he would win, just based on her hatred for Miz. She's by FAR not a wrestling historian by any means but seeing how much she hates Cole/Miz especially in the last 4 months shows they are effective. I hope they don't make him like Jericho when he first had the strap....
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    I have always thought that HHH was really really good, he has everything that takes to be a great wrestler, and randy is also one hell of a wrestler, in my opinion he is the most valuable wrestler right now ( im meaning that he is very popular, has great wrestling skills, its a 3rd generation superstar, i mean he is the most complete wrestler right now) and cena....... well he is the face of wwe and period, im not a particular fan of his but he is probably one of the guys who has an enormous job by being always in main event and not having a break unless he is injured so i respect the guy for all the effort he needs to give
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