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    no deaths in TNA? im sorry but theres a wrestler by the name of CHRIS CANDIDO that died after his last matches with TNA
    I covered this in an earlier post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotrod Coolbeans
    Well, where do i begin here................................

    There are so many things that you have said which make no sense to me, I will list them;

    Once upon a time, Kurt Angle was the crown jewel of sports entertainment. He was the total package; an ultra-talented in-ring performer, a bedazzler on the microphone and a dependable company man

    Once upon a time?? Do you actually watch TNA? Kurt Angle is still all of the above, great in-ring performer, great mic skills and one of the biggest "company men" in the biz. How many times has Angle been injured and/or had personal problems, and still gone to work and done what he does best? He has had chances to go back to WWE but has shown incredible loyalty and stayed with TNA. If thats not a "company man" then i dont know what is.

    Today, the Kurt Angle of TNA is a shadow of his former self. The quality of his matches has dropped considerably

    Did you not see Angle vs Wolfe?? Angle vs Joe?? Angle vs Styles?? Angle vs Anderson??
    I loved his matches with Benoit, Eddie and Lesnar, but the ones I mentioned were just as good, if not better.

    TNA lacks the willingness to take a hard stance against its performers who conduct themselves unprofessionally. This is especially true when it involves a top draw such as Angle

    What about when Samoa Joe barged into the production truck, he got suspended on the spot, and he is one of TNA's biggest attractions.
    Jarrett sleeps with Angles wife/ex-wife and he gets sent home for months, and he founded the company!!
    Sandman no-shows iMPACT! and he gets released
    Hall and Waltman screw up (again) and they're gone
    TNA is not a walk in the park where anybody gets away with everything

    it should be mentioned how grossly irresponsible it is that TNA puts such little effort into protecting the health of its performers in an industry that has been plagued by premature deaths over recent years.

    In the 7 plus years that TNA has been operating, guess how many wrestlers from the TNA roster have passed away? NONE, ZERO, ZILCH
    How about the safe, caring, supportive WWE? Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Crash Holly, and im sure theres more, i just dont have time to look it up.

    Im hoping you didnt mean to, but you kinda came across as a WWE sheep, someone just looking to put TNA down at every chance, even if most of what you say has no bearing to the truth.

    Sorry but its real.....................its damn real lol
    no deaths in TNA? im sorry but theres a wrestler by the name of CHRIS CANDIDO that died after his last matches with TNA... TNA refuses to give Candido's last paycheck to his girlfriend Sunny so she can pay for his medical and funeral bills that she is kinda strugglin to pay...
    not to say TNA is the devil but im just sayin
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    Great read, people might not agree with it, but the man does make a point, TNA is not what it used to be 4 years back.
    Hogan and his friends need to pack their bag and leave. Kurt angel was really good when he started out in TNA. but it takes more then one wrestler to make the product work.
    Angel might be a great wrestler but if not put in good story lines, its just a waste
  4. BigWillie54's Avatar
    ^^^^ smh at people using words incorectly. I hope you dont speak to ppl like that
  5. Justdawg08's Avatar
    this blog has been a proven FAIL
  6. BigWillie54's Avatar
    At the end, i disagree with the blog in saying he has lost stepped cause he hasnt but he is going down a dark path right now. Most wrestling fans can tell (or dont care) but you can look at Kurt and see he just isnt all there. Sadly it could end tragedy.
  7. BigWillie54's Avatar
    Kurt does looked all drugged out during his matches. He looks like how HBK looked before his first retirement. Like he isnt all there. I belive TNA was aware of this before cause there where reports of people seeing him talk to himself (and not the way normal would sometimes do) before lockdown and cause of that they gave him some time off.
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