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  1. WWEs booking of Cena makes perfect sense.

    Now with Extreme Rules behind us, John Cena can once again use his catchphrase, «The Champ is Here» truthfully. The decision to put the WWE championship belt back on Cena has, expectedly, not been received with laud and applause by the «IWC». You should think that the same people that for months complained about The Miz being champ now would rejoice, but some people can never be pleased. ...
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  2. WWE: John Cena and the Tag-team Championship

    If there are two things fans that follow WWE tend to agree on it are that John Cena suck and that the Tag-team Championship has lost its glory.

    Now first of all we must acknowledge that giving a championship to a wrestler is one of the classic ways to push him or her. This only works if the championship has a perceived status though. A championship with no status is after all just ...

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