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  1. Azazel's Avatar
    Real nice card you made there, and i agree with almost everything on it. Allthough the two divas matches might indeed be too much
  2. Saiga's Avatar
    Grandpa Diesel vs. Big Slow is more of a bathroom break match.

    I dont think naybody would wanna see that snoozefest.
  3. HeelTurn's Avatar
    Vey very likely, although not sure if the WWE would do 2 divas matches.
  4. crazy23ph's Avatar
    its going to be...

    undertaker vs sting

    miz vs jomo

    edge vs christian

    natalya vs beth vs awesome kong

    mitb: r-truth vs evan bourne vs daniel bryan vs justin gabriel vs dolph ziggler vs kofi kingston

    alberto del rio vs rey in a specialty match

    big show vs kevin nash

    punk vs orton

    and nexxus vs the corre with john cena as referee
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Dammit! I knew I forgot someone really important Thanks for that! I'd add Dolph Ziggler to the MITB match instead of Kidd, or Dibiase.
  6. SDR's Avatar
    What about Dolph Ziggler?
  7. Bodom's Avatar
    Wow this is the most reasonable WM card that's ever been posted.
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