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    you are full of shit and have way too much time on your hands. Im guess your under 15 by you blog. You were not even old enough to enjoy the 'AA' for what it was worth. Kids these days....
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One
    That is also true. Its sad, but true. People did get easily bored with someone holding the title for more than 4 months, so there were frequent title changes. Did you get bored watching wrestlers hold the world titles for so long, pre Attitude Era?
    I think it is how you market the champion and the nature of the fans nowadays. Thanks to wireless phones, computers, ANYTHING to do with technology and the internet, you can look something up and keep doing so till it bores you. I think these reasons are part of the issue with today's fans. If you market a champion well and continue to make him entertaining, it title runs will get longer again.
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    fantastic read, helped by your great literacy. I'm glad somebody picked this topic to talk about. A lot of people look for the 'hardcore' moments or cussing in PG and declare 'the AE is returning!' when it clearly isn't.
    I only hear of its greatness mind; i got into wrestling just after it. it seems very very popular.
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    They had to take the bumps at this time. It's great to see hot women, but women like Trish and Lita were really good at wrestling in Women's standards. The difference in title prestige is that people are bored with Cena/Orton but they continue to hold the titles for days on end. It didn't really matter, the Rock may have been the only one from the attitude era that can be compared to Cena. Anyone else could be champion and it would always be good and exciting, even when Jericho retained all the time by DQ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS
    To be honest, long title reigns doesn't make a title prestigious. The variety of great wrestlers who hold the title makes it more prestigious.
    Not completely, I am not saying you are wrong, but you can't rely in one or the other to be absolute. I think you need a balance of both so people can care about it and at the same time increase the prestige of it.
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    Sorry guys but Cena could not wrestle his way out of a paper bag, he is today's version of Hulk Hogan with less personality and mic skills. His finish move is the fireman's carry, dam!!!
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    Good Blog Brown one. Your going to get a loooooot of hits for this one but I can appreciate you speaking your mind. As far as my thoughts go.... I do agree with you on a lot of things. I will always remember Mae Young giving birth to a glove and the affair she was having with Mark Henry, I will always remember the cursing, I will always remember the women doing panty and bra matches and I gotta say.... These were some of the worst things that the attitude era brought to the business. I mean imma guy but i was getting tired of seeing the women be used as nothing more than... well... skanks! They would always be wearing nothing when they come to the ring, they would always be involved in some im sexier than you storyline, they would always do skits where they are showering or getting dressed or leaving someones office/locker room (with a we just had sex look on their face) yada yada yada, I mean it was just rediculous. Even Trish and Lita two of the greatest womens wrestlers to step in the ring had to lower themselves to that. The attitude era was not exactly something you would wanna take your kids to see. BUT with that being said I liked the attitude era because they had soooooo many memorable in depth rivalries and matches. Remember the Ken Shamrock/Steve Blackman rivalry? of course you do.Do you remember the first Undertaker/Kane rivalry or the Stone Cold/Rock or the Jericho/Benoit or the Dudley/Hardyz/E&C rivalry, and last but not least (my favorite) do you remember the DX/Nation rivalry?!?!? MAN that rivalry was awesome! It seemed like those two factions REALLY hated each others guts. Do you remember the Lions den matches? I knoooooow you remember the TLC matches with E&C/Dudleys/Hardys. Do you remember the Chris Jericho ladder matches (with anyone he wrestled)? Do you remember the Kurt Angle shane Mcmahon match? It's just soooooo many matches and rivalries that worked back then. Another reason I liked the attitude era was beause of their ability to use ALLLLL of their top talents! Look at how many top guys they kept in the Main Event picture.... Taker, Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, Y2J, Masked Kane, Angle, Mankind but now we have Cena, Orton aaaannnnnd THAT'S IT! (I've liked punk since ROH but lets be honest, they didn't see him as a top guy until now) Another reason why I like the Attitude era is because of how different the character development of each guy was. I mean we had Shamrock, Goldust, Big Bossman, New Age Outlaws, Stone Cold, Rock, Owen Hart, Kane, APA, Hardyz, Steve Blackman, marc mero, Al Snow and all of these guys gimmicks were so unique and different. Now everyone just kinda blends into the same mold (please read my blog on "gimmicks" and geojones "where have all the charaters gone") So there are some really bad things that the attitude era brought and their are some really good things it brought. When I think of the WWE today I just think it's...Okay. It has nothing to do with the PG era. It just seems to be kinda boring at times. Remember when Buh Buh Ray power bombed mae young off the stage on to a table?(im not condoning power bombing old women on to tables) but the point im trying to make is when i saw it I was like I CANT BELIEVE HE JUST DID THAT TO A HELPLESS WOMEN!!!! WHAT A JERK!!! I think that was the reaction that everyone had in some sense. Why? because it was unpredictable, it was cutting edge, it was just un-imaginable. Will we ever see another moment like that? IDK but it's going to be mighty hard for the WWE to create moments like that again. Once again nice opinionated blog Brown One
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