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  1. With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!

    With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!!
    Daniel Bryan is without a doubt the greatest talent WWE has currently, he is by far the most “over” on the entire roster and don’t tell me that when he walks through the curtain you don’t through your hands in the air and chant “yes,yes,YES!” just like everyone else.
    While Daniel is awesome no doubt, he is nothing without his great heels ...
  2. Driving The WWE: Are you happy with the companies direction?

    Do you sit by your tv on Monday nights and wonder what the hell is the WWE thinking with their programming? Of course you do! After reading so many dirtsheets and listen to the IWC rant about how they hate the WWE right now. Hate the direction of the company. Hate that PG rating that stole away their precious Attitude Era. It can only be attributed to a few things. So here they are.
    1. ...

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  3. The Rebelliion of the WWE: What should happen after WM30

    It’s the night after Wrestlemania 30, Monday Night Raw , The Authority stands in the ring with their newly crowned , newly turned heel Batista. Brock Lesnar stands beside him with Paul Heyman after a unbelievably shocking defeat of the Undertaker, doing the impossible and ending the streak. John Cena stands beside them after decimating the Wyatts single-handedly. Kane, Brad Maddox and a few others ...

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