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  1. BigRedDog's Avatar
    Lots of people are getting calls to come back to the wwe for the network launch. Punk/Austin at wrestle mania is not happening. It's wishful thinking.

    Also HHH having anything to do with the Wyatts would be awful. The shield made sense. The wyatts have a doom and gloom, we're crazy hicks gimmick. Attaching them to HHH at all would be garbage. That doesn't mean the WWE wouldn't do it, it would just be stupid.
  2. Liston's Avatar
    WWE owns the trademark on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin legally changed his name, hence why he can call himself that legally.

    Co-owns... Hogan? Hogan bought out the rights for the name from Marvel some time ago. WWE owns nothing. Never did.

    OP is correct in his thought process. Good pick up PunkAustin.
  3. Brent A. Brewster's Avatar
    It's your wishful thinking. Actually-Austin co-owns the name just as Rock, Hogan and many others do. He most likely-if Austin even was asked-used that full name to make sure people knew who he was.
    Austin has also been pretty clear he just doesn't think he will have another match.
    As for the other argument. How in the heck can you say there was no build up to Punk/HHH? Who do you think Kane works for on the show? HHH. That is why Kane has been messing with Punk-it was to build to Punk taking out Kane, then taking on his boss who put him up to it at WM.
    Meanwhile-DB has been in a storyline with the Wyatts-at this point nothing to do with HHH (though between you and me-HHH should in time be the "power" behind the Wyatts as Kane was kidnapped and now is HHH's stooge-and the Wyatts tried to convert DB-but at the least got DB away from HHH and the world title hunt).
    Point being-is has been rumored for quite awhile HHH and PUnk would be at WM-and Kane chokeslamming Punk and then costing him the RR were huge steps in making that match happen.

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