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Kieren Lucas

  1. AAW - Defining Moment 2013 review

    AAW - Defining Moment 2013

    Knight Wagner vs Prince Mustafa Ali

    The match starts off with a dropkock by Ali and a twisting corkscrew over the top. He conects with chops, until Wagner throws him into the ring post and a upricut. A backslide for Prince gets two and a Russian leg sweep by Wagner and a runing knee by Wagner. Prince hits another drokick and hits a michinoko ...
  2. First blog - CZW Night of Infamy xii

    First thing is if reviews aren't ment to be on this site I apologise but if not I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave a comment.

    Combat Zone Wrestling present Night Of Infamy xii
    2nd November 2013
    Live on ippv from New Jersey

    Number one contenders match for the CZW Wired Championship
    Andrew Everet vs Latin Dragon vs Caleb Konley vs David Starr ...

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