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    Problem is I don't want HHH/Orton again, I don't want Punk/Orton at Mania, I don't want Cena vs Orton/HHH again. The only real match that intrigues me is Bryan vs Cena, HHH, and HBK. Cena has faced virtually everyone in the ring and has beaten them all. I didn't want to see HHH/Orton at WM25 and I don't want to see it now.I'm not interested in WM rematches. Did the final segment get me more excited for TLC? Yes, but Orton/Cena isn't something I wanted to see for the ultimate prize. Been done too many times, only reason there is a bit of interest is because they could be unifying the belts.
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    I liked it a lot better when the brands where split. There was always the Blue vs Red battles and all that .. it felt fun. And the belts felt like they meant something more that way.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    Not going to lie. "Daniel fucking gaylord Bryan" made me LMAO
  4. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Agree completely. They have such a big roster that it seems like the dumbest decision they have made in a while. They have nearly four or five different authority figures running around governing the same roster at different times of the day/ week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swillsy
    weems, you're a tosser. Daniel Bryan can lick dick. Leave Mr Right alone, he's just having a vent which frankly, is understandable with the current WWE.
    @swillsy, I am not sure where you are coming from. Never once did I criticize the author in my comments. If I did not enjoy reading the blog, I would not have spent time reading it in its entirety along with providing feedback.
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    I had to comment on this one. In my eyes, WWE has been a PG - family friendly product almost forever, excluding the Attitude Era and maybe a bit after. I grew up watching Hogan, Savage, Warrior and the rest from WM6 on-wards and it was always a show driven mainly towards the kids that watched it. Only when those kids grew up did Vince decide that the WWE needed to grow up with them and give them what they want to see. From then on we had blood, extreme violence, Naked women & swear words, and again......this got old & the Audience grew up and moved on. I feel that one day we may see a return of all that extreme ish that we got hooked on in 98, but first WWE needs the audience to grow up again.

    If they started running PG-14 shows now, they would lose half (if not more) of the Audience because they're young kids. In 5-10 years when those kids are older and want to see a more extreme product, maybe it will happen.

    It probably wont though as everyone has stated, WWE is making silly money now, why risk that?.........nevermind eh!
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, I wouldn't call this much of a blog, as I would a bitch-fest. Which of course, is fine. I've posted my share and called them blogs too.

    I agree with PG ruining wrestling. It has for us fans, at least those of us that enjoy a little blood and coarse language in our entertainment. But I also understand the business side of things. No one wants to believe me that the industry will wither away and die. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler are not "carriers of the torch" so to speak. Not in the way that guys like Hogan, Hart, Rock, Stone Cold, and Cena have. There are no superstars anymore. Just barely brighter than the rest of the dim dim stars that make up the wrestling industry sky.

    The wrestling industry WILL eventually go away. Maybe not for several more years, but it will.
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