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    Number .1, This blog is how to save TNA wrestling, You give tips on how to better TNA's product ( in your opinion) but say nothing about ROH or WWE bettering their product.

    Number 2. Your advice is for TNA to go back and do the same thing they were doing 8 years ago that wasn't drawing money to begin with? Why wasnt anyone flocking to the product in 2005?. This is not a way to save wrestling in north america, No this is more of what you wanna see.
  2. Warai.VII's Avatar
    1. yes! hogan and bischoff need to go! and along with Bauer, Gabe Sapolski from DGUSA/EVOLVE would be a great addition to the creative team.
    2. I've heard that the wrestlers have a hard time in the six sided ring because it's hard to judge exactly where you are. don't know if that's true or not, but I would go along with their wishes since it's where they will be working.
    3. I'd get rid of all of them except Angle, who I'd use as my new commissioner. Angle has a rep as a real deal bad ass shooter, and would be perfect as an authority figure who could wrestle the odd match. BUT, I would never have my authority figures dominate storylines the way the WWE and TNA does. someone else I'd keep is Taz, who would be used as a manager. he would have to go back to his ECW persona as a shooter though, because right now he's terrible.
    4. all great talents! maybe do a talent exchange with one of the Japanese companies too.
    5. strong style is hard on the body, but when the time is right during big shows....hell yes!
    6. agreed. I would love too see a lady manager and valets though.
    7. if they're going to do a tournament, then the G1 is the one to emulate. the G1 takes place over 11 days so I'm not sure how they'd do that. maybe use 4 episodes of Impact and the finals on PPV?
    8. I must add that I'd change the name from TNA to something like Impact Pro. something more sports sounding.
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