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    The Shield to me is a forgettable stable. They do nothing special in the ring, Ambrose is fine on the mic, but who knows if he'll ever be good on the mic. getting a push, doesn't make someone great. I'm expecting the Wyatts to take all their action in the next year.

    Aces and 8s is a cute little storyline, I'm enjoying it, but it seems a lot like the nwo if written by hulks biker friends. Guys like Aries and Bad Influence are whats making TNA worth watching now.

    And the Mafia have done nothing really yet.

    If you are going to talk Stables. You have to talk about The Horsemen. Some great members, some great stories, some awful members, some awful stories.

    I liked DX, I don't know if they were ground breaking. The NWO was ground breaking. That whole deal was more than just a faction, it was a huge angle that changed the type of wrestling you'd see on a weekly basis.

    The 90's was stable heavy btw: Harts, the ministry, The corporation, the BWO, Anybody remember the oddities, The brood, the alliance, The JOB Squad, the boriquous, Taker had a gang that was called something back when he rode a motorcycle to the ring, The nation of domination, Kevin Sullivan had a stable, I think Dibiase did too. and Thats just the ones i remember.
  2. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Come on- talk about stables and not one mention of the Four Horsemen?
  3. simplyawesome's Avatar
    Evolution??? Nexus??? Hart Family virgil ted irs Ace & Eights
  4. ejorbit's Avatar
    The Heenan Family FTW.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Talk about boy band stables in wrestling, 3MB and 3 count.
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    I don't really get the point of this blog. Stables existed during the territory days, the Monday Night Wars and in still do today. Also, you suggest the Shield look like a late 90's boy band...WTF! The Shield wear swat gear, Dean Ambrose is the ugliest man on the planet, Roman Reigns is about 75 pounds bigger than any Backstreet Boy member and Seth Rollins has the worst hairstyle possibly in the history of wrestling. The Shield's look is great for a heel in the wrestling industry but to say they look like a boy band is absurd.
    Also, what is the deal with saying if you can't beat them...Join them. This definitely applied to the NWO. However, nobody has joined the Shield yet. Likewise, nobody really ever joined DX. HBK retired and Rick Rude went to WCW. As a result, they recruited Sean Waltman and the Outlaws; however, Waltman and the Outlaws were never feuding with DX before they joined.
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