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  1. Greatest Matches of the 21st Century Qualifier Part 1 of 2

    Welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!! On my last blog I did the ever controversial top 10 blog. One reader commented that there should be a way for us to vote and make a top 10 for the people! So as Big Johnny would say "I'm all about People Power"! In this blog I'm going to put 50 matches, all in different categories. I ask that you either comment the category and numbers you think were the ...
  2. Top 10 Matches of the 21st Century

    Welcome back to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!! Today we are discussing a topic everybody has an opinion on. We all have different ones and most vary from generation to generation. So each one I will List the match and show it was at, Along with a brief description why it made the list.

    10:Shawn Micheals vs JBL
    No Way Out 2009
    All or Nothing
    A Really shocking moment that I'm ...

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