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  1. wsm1996's Avatar
    Rybacks improving...slowly, give it some time n ryback wull have a world title
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I believe they ruined Ryback putting him in all those big matches and having him lose every single one of them. He has been defeated by all the best talent he has faced, Cena, Shield, and Punk all over recent months. Hell, he even lost to Mark Henry which I'm still scratching my head about. Why have him lose to him only for him to go on and lose to Sheamus? Makes 0 sense. I like Ryback because he brings something different to my tv screen. Hate the Ryback rules thing though. Love feed me more a helluva lot better. number of wins for Ryback on ppv in 2013=0!!!

    I hope Ziggler wins it back, but I doubt it. I'd prefer him not to if all that is going to happen is that Swagger cashes it in to add another time to his resume.

    Cena and Bryan will win.

    Who do you think will win world title MITB?

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