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  1. ProjectZer0's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for the feedback!
    Yeah I honestly forgot about Neville & Grey and they would be a great team to throw in but their careers are definitely in the singles division.
    A tournament would be just as good as a Mitb if not better for longer branched out storyline purposes GreatOne (but I just love the cash in rule, reminds me of Hardcore title) and maybe not 20 people but 8-10 wouldnt be too bad. The Tag champs could face the #1 contenders and that would rule out any Teddy Long 6 man super tag matches that don't belong.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't see why they just don't have a tournament yearly where the winners face tag team champions instead of doing a crazy ladder match with probably about 20 wrestlers out there. Do it for like a ppv that has no real gimmick like Payback or something.
  3. weems's Avatar
    Absolutely love the idea.
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Gd idea and I agree with the guy who mentioned pac( neville ) guy is amazing
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Don't forget about Neville and Grey.
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    Great idea and well thought out, but the titles still have a ways to go before restoring their values. Plus, it would actually detract from the ppv in my opinion.
  7. grave's Avatar
    tons of funk on a ladder, I am going to call my momma
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