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  1. The Shield

    hey everyone, it's me Lord Cookie and this Blog is basically about The shields next opponent(s). I know many of you moan that my Blogs are crap. And you know what? They probably are. If you don't like my Blogs, don't read them. And once again, i'm sorry if my grammar is wrong. I'm trying too improve my english since i'm German.

    New Age Outlaws & Triple H
    I would love this. Just
  2. Summerslam 2013

    Attachment 4676

    Hey everyone it's me Lord Cookie and since my Money In The Bank card got a good feedback, iv'e decided to continue making dream-cards/ predictions. Have fun reading and rate this Blog!


    pre show:
    The Miz Vs. Christian
    On the Raw after money in the bank, Miz fights Bray wyatt. Miz wins after the Skull crushing ...
  3. Money In The Bank 2013

    Hey everyone it's Lord Cookie here and here comes my Money in The Bank Card/ Predictions and i would appreciate it, if you would leave a comment and rate this Blog!
    Money In The Bank
    Pre-show: Sheamus Vs. Cody RhodesAt payback we see a quick exciting Match between Damien Sandow and Sheamus. But just as Sheamus wants too kick Damien Sandows head off, Cody appears on The Ramp and distracts ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. The new Main-eventers vol. 3

    Hey readers, it's me again Lord Cookie and since the last blog got a good enough feedback (not like my first ones ) i decided too continue with the Blogs. And if you're active on facebook and would like to be an admin on a wrestling page (In The Shield We Believe) Leave a comment!

    Roman Reigns
    A character which we all ready know. As a part of The Shield. A big guy. He makes it ...
  5. The new Main-eventers vol. 2

    Hey everyone it's me again with a blog about new main-eventers. This is my second blog about it. And since there was no feedback on my other post, i' just going to continue with the blog.

    Mason Ryan I mean, this guy IS a monster. I still don't understand why he isn't in the main event. Wwe has a muscled up, monster-looking wrestler ...

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