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  1. When Ziggler wins back the World Heavyweight Championship...

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to create this blog stating my top 6 people I would like to see Ziggler feud with when him wins back the whc. I believe these 6 with Ziggler could really bring back prestige to the title.

    Honorable mentions - bryan and punk ( i see it happening but for wwe title), cesaro (not quite ready), barrett (needs to reestablish himself first, kind of a joke atm), seth rollins ...
  2. Taker vs... at Wrestlemania 30

    Hi Guys, I see taker retiring at wm30 so I want to know your top 5 picks of who he should face at wrestlemania 30. Also 1 fantasy living ( can be from tna, roh or even independent, legend...) and i fantasy opponent non living. Please see mine below and let me know what you think.

    1- The Rock

    Story: Rock has done it all except beat taker at Mania.

    This match would ...
  3. Money in the Bank 2013

    Hi Guys go easy as this is only my second blog but have a look and let me know your thoughts. I've tried to combine in part how I think parts of the ppv will be booked and how I would like other parts to be booked. So Lets Start.

    Match 1 Divas Title: AJ vs Kaitylyn- rematch, winner Aj.

    Kaitlyn gets her rematch. She dominates Aj and sets up for the spear. Aj dodges With Kaitlyn ...
  4. Rocks wm xxx opponent

    Hi guys this is my first blog so go easy on me. i know a lot of you are rock haters but he's still on level that few can compete with. in fact the only person who can touch him on the mic is punk. I don't know why people think seen is a good talker. he is utterly boring and a douche bag but i leave that for another time. I wanted to find out who you think should face off at wm xxx. I want you to ...

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