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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Horrible use of RVD not capitalizing on his return is my thoughts heading into Summerslam. That and Axel being lost.

    I would like to see Christian win the world title, but I don't see it happening since Del Rio just recently won it yet again.

    Daniel Bryan wins and retains after the cash in!! Fans would go crazy!!

    I don't see Brock competing at HIAC or any other ppvs. I figure his next match will be at WM after Summerslam which is why I believe he possibly could win, but I'd like to see them face 2x with Lesnar winning. Punk winning the 2nd bout. Leaves and proves he is the best continues to feud with Heyman as he claims to manage the best in the world. Possibly an appearance at Rumble as they face finally once again at WM with Punk winning.

    Sandow>Rhodes. In any case, I think Rhodes will win if it is indeed not for the briefcase. Leads to a match for the briefcase possibly at Night of Champions.

    I'm sick of my favorite wrestler losing every week so I want Ziggler/Kaitlyn to win. I want this feud with Kaitlyn to be over with though.

    I really like the Wyatt Family a lot. Bray Wyatt will win of course.

    I'm rooting for Shield to win vs Show/Henry, but I figure they will win.
  2. brock2013's Avatar
    most likely cena not rock becuase he just cant wrestle anymore look at his matchs with punk punk almost carried him throughout the entire match Jericho his someone who helps future stars not people like taker who is probaly more over than jericho not bryan say no just becuase i think he has a to high paced move set for taker to handle in the ring not brock becuase hes just top stiff look at his match with cena he busted him open in this first minute and he broke hbks nose at mania so god knows what hell to taker given they acutally dislike each other plus he wouldnt want loose for the second mania in a row
  3. brock2013's Avatar
    i hope its brock but its most likely to be bray wyatt or kofi
  4. ejorbit's Avatar
    Evan Bourne.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    should be the guy who took him out. Taker likely won't even be able to compete at Summerslam so obvious out. What would the motive be? Another world title run will do what? Same goes for rest of the guys you mentioned. However, I believe Big Show is the one who teams with Kane to take on the Wyatt Family.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Imagine if it was Undertaker. That would be as epic as it gets. And I don't buy any reports on here so the chance of it being him is just as good as anybody else.
  7. TempestH's Avatar
    Imo, what they should do is take Miz out of the Intercontinental Title match and put him in the ladder match. Then, have some popular low level face such as Zack Ryder, Alex Riley, or Justin Gabriel wrestle against Axel for the IC Title. Not only do you get a replacement for Kane, but another talent gets an opportunity to shine, and Axel gets a much needed win that doesn't feel forced.
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