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    I have to be honest here and say I'm not a huge fan of your card, sorry. It feels like I could turn on RAW one week and see some of these matches, maybe without titles on the line.
    Kane vs Brock Lesnar..."REALLY?!" The two of those men in the ring would bore a stadium worth of people to death.
    To be fair to your card though you can see that you believe in pushing younger guys who deserve to get a chance at the "Grandaddy of em all!" Unfortunately in this day and age, I couldn't see a match like Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, The Usos and Kofi vs The Shield go on after your top match which would be Undertaker vs The Rock.
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    Yeah, I really hope this is not the Mania 30 card. With the exception of the taker/rock match, it could in fact very well be a fall ppv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weems
    I also want to add that I like these matches.
    1. Taker vs. Rock - Streak
    2. Orton vs. Ryback
    3. Jericho vs. Axel - IC
    4. Ziggler vs. Christian - WHC
    Thanks for your inputs
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Majority of the matches are rematches. Why Miz IC champion again? He has had runs after runs with the title. Same goes for Rhodes. What will another run do for him? No way he could top his run before WM 27. I figure Cesaro and Swagger will still be together come WM 30. He isn't even on the ppv.

    Where's the Divas title? How is anyone going to take the title seriously if it isn't on the biggest ppv of the year? I'm enjoying Kaitlyn/AJ storyline right now.

    Why not have Axel have Jericho challenge for the IC title? That would bring prestige to that belt along with a great match. Beating the guy who has won the title the most times.

    I don't like the WHC match you got there.

    I'd like to see Cena vs RVD on a throw away ppv. Not at WM though.

    I'd rather Lesnar face a young guy and help put him over whether it be Ryback, Punk, or so on.

    Waste a WM match on The thanks. I believe he is going doing that movie next year which complicates him being at Mania or wrestling early next year. If Rock returns and does have a match or 2....Orton or HBK is the only two I'd really like to see.

    Why not have the Shield vs Wyatt Family for the tag titles at Mania? 6 person tag match for the gold. I doubt Shield will have the titles that long though. Usos can barely get booked on Raw or SD. Kofi has won the midcard titles enough.

    Punk vs Bryan happened week after week leading into Mania 28 than they faced a bunch on ppv as well for the belt. I'd enjoy seeing a story just involving those two though.
    Read the last lines i already told you that i couldn't think of a good diva match leading to wrestlemania, wyatt family is yet to be seen, Lesner will already be facing punk at summerslam lets see how that turns before we throw it in the WM picture again, and i dont see Lesner taking on a young guy to put them over hes a big name and will fight only a big name Kane because he needs to get that monster feel back. And dont you worry RVD will be pushed big time once he's back, And Rock vs Undertaker is only fitting as the two big names who have never fought at the grand stage!!!!
    but then again this is what i feel, i agree i might have not perfected the mid card with this card!!!
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    Great card IMO but not at the level it should be for this event, especially Mania 30. And one more time, Kingston in the US title match (because the Uso would take the Tag ones) !
  6. kakarot786's Avatar
    I liked a couple of your matches but your missing the star power. Here's how I book it. BTW this is not necessarily the order

    1) Kane's Retirement Match: I don't see this being built as a retirement match but that can will quietly walk away after this. I do see though Kane being rebuilt as a destructive monster.

    Kane vs big e.

    Winner: Big e. I know people will say ryback but i believe big e is much more talented and ryback is an even more robotic version of cena. Lots of power moves in this with the younger man going over.

    Time: 10 mins

    2) European Elimination match: Want to either establish themselves as top European wrestler and then is made into no1 contender match for whc or something. (Just randomly threw it together)

    Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Barrett vs Mcintyre (could bring back european title but don't need another midcard title. Maybe Regal as special ref. Drew has left 3mb by now and back as the chosen one)

    Winner: Sheamus eliminates Barrett with brogue kick, drew and Cesaro Eliminate Sheamus with a future shock ddt followed by a neutraliser. Both Drew and Cesaro hit finishers on each other but the other is able to kick out. Then drew goes for superplex but is countered into a neutraliser from top rope (I know crazy) for the three.

    Time (15 mins)

    3) Divas title match

    Aj vs trish/ Lita/ Kharma/ (UNLIKELY OPTION) Stephanie

    Winner: AJ

    As much as I'm enjoying aj vs kaitlyn, i don't think it is big enough for mania 30 feud. I see this is where aj proves all here critics wrong and beats one of these four.

    Time: 12 mins

    4) Triple threat IC Championship Ladder/TLC match

    Curtis Axel (c) vs Jericho vs RVD

    Winner: Axel/ Jericho - could see either of these two winning. Reason I might have jericho winning is he has lost to mania's in a row and wm30 would be a great stage to win his 10th ic title.

    Time: 15 mins

    5) Winner Take All Tag Team and US championships

    Shield (Tag c) vs Wyatt (US) Champ

    I see these two as the only logical options for each other providing wyatt's live up to hype and liked your winner take all idea. I would change it though so that each side has a title each. Have the shield as tag champs and wyatt us champ having him win it from Ambrose at the rumble or something.

    Winners: wyatts. Even though I love the shield, it would be too much to expect them to hold on to the titles past mania.

    Time: 15 mins

    6) Orton vs Sandow No Holds Barred/ Last Man Standing

    Winner: Running Rko off the Stage causes no contest as neither is able to continue. This leaves both Sandow and otron looking strong and continues the feud.

    Time: 15-8 mins

    7) WHC Championship

    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Christian vs Cody Rhodes

    Winner: Cody Rhodes. Possible show stealer. I liked your match but i think rhodes should be at this level by this stage. I know your thinking 2 triple threats but it is mania 30 after all and couldn't leave rhodes off the card. I would like christian to win another whc but with rhodes in this match i see it happening at a later ppv (i.e. payback).

    Time: 18 mins

    I do love the idea of punk vs Bryan though more in an iron man but this is the only stage I see possible for Austin to return so here's my ideal 3 main events. Also rock vs taker would be off the charts but see this as takers last mania so see him facing cena instead.

    8) Rock vs Daniel Bryan: With Daniel bryan so over at the moment I see a match with the rock a way of solidifying him as the future face of the company. Could build on raw 1000 for story and perhaps rock as heel. Would be an interesting build.

    Winner. Rock. Unfortunately I don't see rock taking 2 losses straight but do see a rematch at maybe summerslam with bryan going over. Good solid match though. However I do see a sign of respect at the end between the two but also may result would change depending on what happen in Austin vs punk.

    Time: 25 mins

    9) Cm punk vs Austin: Can't put on last as it is takers last match.

    Winner: Austin. I don't see austin being able to go for more than one more match so therefore i see him winning. Would like to put punk over but don't see austin returning for one night just to loose to punk. In this case Rock would loose the earlier match. If we could have a second then rock still wins a and punk would win second match at over ppv (i.e survivor series, summerlam...)

    Time: 25 mins

    10) WWE Championship/ Undertakers last match: Just Like Kane taker would retire quitely.

    John Cena (c) vs Undertaker

    Winner: Taker. Retires as champion (deserves it). Only reason I had title involved is cos I wanted him to retire as champ.

    Time: 25 Mins

    I know that most of this card is very fantasy based but it is wm 30. I know I've left some biggish stars off like lesnar, hhh, cryback, Kofi, mysterio... but card would've been/ kind of already is over-stacked and I think I've exceeded time limit anyway. Apologies if I have contradicted myself in places.

    What i mean is if austin is back for more than 1 match rock looses (even though i stated i'd doubt he'd take 2 straight losses). Otherwise he wins and austin wins anyway (at mania at least). Was trying to sort of balance thing out. Probably confused people even more now.

    Honorable mentions: mysterio vs sin cara. Don't believe it would live up so maybe kidd vs mysterio instead. I would say triple threat but 3 triple threats is too much.

    I was gonna but hhh against sandow ( sort of killer kerwolski guys match) but couldn't think of an opponent for orton so put him there instead.

    Was thinking ryback vs brock but i think it would be a total dud and couldn't think of a way to add in kofi.

    Also see henry retired before hand and not so sure about show.
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    I also want to add that I like these matches.
    1. Taker vs. Rock - Streak
    2. Orton vs. Ryback
    3. Jericho vs. Axel - IC
    4. Ziggler vs. Christian - WHC
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