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  1. WWE/TNA Superstar Showdown Part 2

    The results are in and it is time to continue the quest to find the dominant brand. The readers voted that Austin Aries to beat CM Punk in a 2 out of 3 falls match and Kane to beat Abyss in a tables match.

    WWE:15 points TNA: 20 Points

    Match 3:
    Stephanie McMahon w/Linda McMahon
  2. Why Chris Jericho has to win The Money in the Bank

    Money in the bank is just around the corner and with all the buzz around Rob Van Dam, it is time to focus on another. Chris Jericho has to win the money in the bank breifcase to save his career.Keep reading to find out more or stop reading now.

    Chris Jericho has been a huge character in every brand he has been in, WWF/E,Smackdown,Raw,WCW. Chris has had his career because of his ...
  3. WWE/TNA Superstar Showdown Part 1

    This is the first in a series of posts that will be TNA vs WWE. Each time I will take 2 matches and post them. Whoever wins is solely up to you the reader each match will be worth a certain amount of points.At the end I will total up the results and post them on each blog.. Vote in the comments and suggest matches you want to see to decide what is the ultimate roster. Polls for these close Thursday ...

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  4. The Coulter Coalition

    This week on Raw Zeb Coulter was forced on to the commentary table as Swagger was absent. Zeb Coulter has a ton of potential that the WWE has not activated yet. But with Heyman guys taking main events and dominatating the WWE, we need another full force manager. But with a full force manager, you need a full force team.

    1.Jack Swagger
    No need to explain as Coulter got his start ...

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