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  1. Flyin Bryan: The Next Ricky Steamboat

    Last night's Raw went fairly well but the one thing that stuck out to me was Daniel Bryan. Bryan seemed to stand out in his Tag Team title match.


    Ricky was given his first big match at Wrestlemania where his competitor could not keep up.

    Daniel was given his first big match at Summerslam where his opponent was eliminated in a flash.
  2. Top 10 Raw GM material

    With Vickie acting as "Managing Supervisor" of Raw, it is only a matter of time before Vince unviels a new Raw GM. There is no telling who or what this may be. Below are my choices to be the new Raw GM.

    1. Eric Bischoff
    The lawsuit between TNA and WWE is now over. What a better time to bring in Bischoff to help make 3 hours of bleh into 3 hours of ...
  3. Know Your Role!!! WWE REAL Payback Quiz

    As I am sure you know this quiz is NOT about the PPV Payback but the real juicy payback of WWE.

    1.After attacking his wife on Raw, what did Triple H do to get Payback on Randy Orton?

    A. Attack him backstage
    B. Stage a DX impersination of him
    C. Break up his title match
    D. Break into his home

    2.What kind of ...

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