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  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    The results ARE in....THIS BLOG F%@KIN' BLOWS RANCID CHUNKS!!!! Ok, I apologize immensely for my above rant. I have an excellent blog that is waiting to be moderated (???) & has not posted, so I may be ever-so-slightly on edge. In the meantime, I allowed you to lure me into this pit of depravity you call a "blog" with the title of your post. Your effort is lackluster at it's peak. Mediocre at it's apex. Futile at it's on & so forth, etc...etc & such. I have no need to even inquire if you tried because the answer is painfully obvious.

    There are dozens of top-notch matches I envision when I read the name of this blog. The McMahons vs. The Hogans & Dixie?? My next question is an urgently serious one: Are you a f%@kin' moron?? Legitimately. Are you?? Dyou know where you are?? You're in the IWC-EWN jungle. This is the place where people bitch about wrestling shows not having enough wrestling. The place where people cry out for the next young talent to get pushed out of the ionosphere & yesterday's relic to gracefully get the hell out. And you seriously....confidently think people.....we.....I.....would want to see this bullshit you posted?? I would ask you to please.....PLEASE not ever post Part 3, but I am actually looking forward to discovering the depths that your ineptitude can truly plunge.

    Have a good day.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    I would say Hogan vs McMahon, a draw, both end up on a stretcher. Shane vs Eric, Shane McMahon would win.
    First match is tough but I would say Stephanie would stand on top despite becoming a handicap match.
  3. Cobra Commander's Avatar
    Y2J does not need to win Money in the Bank to become champion. He is a huge star and has been in the WWE for over 10 years. If he wants the belt all he needs to do is go wrestling 1st and Ozzy 2nd. The thing is Y2J wants to be a rockstar but the thing is he sucks as a rockstar. He is a wrestler and if he wants to do the Ozzy thing in his free time, that is fine but it should not take him away from the WWE.

    I don't think Y2J will retire any time soon and he loves what he does in the WWE. I think if he quit or got let go he would do TNA before he would retire from wrestling. I am not saying that will happen by any means but I am saying that is how much he loves wrestling. Anyways Jericho is awesome and I am sure he will be put on a big role here sooner or later but right now he is trying to put over some new talent. The thing is most of the new talent sucks....
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I agree with PhEonYx; put effort in, a tale of the tape, how you see the matches going, why these would be the matches to have. No offence, but just seems lazy. And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Shane leave WWR 3 years ago?!?.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I'm guessing this has 10 matches total, due to part 3....I'm scared to see the rest.
    Ironically enough, you're not the only one....

    As for you Brain; Put a little more effort into you blogs. If you're going to name your blog "WWE/TNA Superstar Showdown", give us a little more indepth story to back up each match. Hell put some f*cking effort into your sh*t. Did you realize you had the same three people comment on both blogs?

    I know when I wake up tomorrow morning, I'll pop on the EWN, and first thing I'll see is part 3 to this sh*t fest you call a blog. .. Worse part is, I'll probably read it. ... If you're going to draw my attention, let alone the attention of others, make it atleast worth the read.
  6. WWE Brain's Avatar
    Yeah that happened at a summerslam i believe and Vince has versed hogan at a mania I believe too
  7. Nexus_overide's Avatar
    hmm shane vs eric in a fall count anywhere match.... hasn't that been done already?
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