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    Although Maddox is supposed to be a heel, making Heyman go through all this crap is a personal thing between Heyman, HHH and Maddox. Remember their history. Heyman bashing HHH and Stephanie. Heyman and Lesnar destroying HHH's office and so on. Then there is the fact that Heyman had the Shield beat down Maddox, so it is a little personal. Maddox has his marching orders from HHH, and there is history. So to me that makes sense so it wasn't a miss for me.

    I understand what you're saying about Del Rio and RVD, but they had to do "something" to say that Del Rio is a threat and RVD has a shot of winning the title.

    Santino's return wasn't all that great but it was still pretty cool since we haven't seen him for so long, and he even got the win. IMO the most pointless champion of all time is the miz. Speaking of which...

    Sandow winning was cool to me, and it broke his losing streak. Instead of him losing all the time as the MITB winner they at least didn't have him lose to miz, that would have been pointless.

    Golddust and Orton told a great story. I don't even like Orton, at all. However I give credit where it's due. Solid match

    Daniel Bryan. Nuff said.

    The Cutting Edge was ok. It was the fact that Edge could say what he wanted without being threatened with anything but having his lifetime friend pay the price may set somthing up for the future, but then again I could be wrong.

    Not much of a difference of opinion here. Keep it up.
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    Nice blog it was a bad raw here's to hoping a better one next week
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    Great blog, couldn't agree any more.
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    The Cody Rhoes interview and match with Randy Orton was tremendously done. Just being able to have a tangible emotion towards his ambiance in the ring and mic was great.
    For the WHC feud between RVD and ADR has been poorly and I mean POORLY built up. I have no interest for their match at Night of Champions whatsoever. I feel like the WHC is not much of a title with this feud.
    I am gonna disagree with the Divas match. No doubt I get your point and agree they should have had a longer match as well as a clean finish, but what they did in having all 3 of them getting to face AJ at NoC was fine with me. And since when do Triple Threats have DQs? Changing the rules WWE.
    Lastly, since when does Big Show care for Daniel Bryan? I get why he is against the Shield, but Daniel Bryan is the reason Big Show is the shortest reigning WHC in the history of the WWE. Why cry that Daniel Bryan is getting beat up?
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    Agree for the most part but I'm started to get annoyed by fans complaining about how the Corporate storyline has been played so far. For years fans have been complaining that WWE hasn't been presenting long term storylines and now they are doing one they want them to hotshot it. The new corporation has only existed for 3 weeks so now's not really the time for them to show weakness and the weekly beatdowns are very similar to what the McMahon-Helmsley regime did every week back in 2000. It's all building to a good payoff and I hope they take their time. Another thing to consider is that Randy Orton only turned heel at Summerslam and he needs to build himself up as a heel. I know that will bring criticism from some but think of it this way, although fans in the IWC have been waiting for Orton to turn heel since late last year and some fans find him boring, Orton was very over as a babyface with casual fans (just listen to the pops he used to get) and he needs time to re-establish himself as a heel after 3 and half years as a face. I'll be tuning in each week to see what happens
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    I was waiting for this blog to show up on the board.

    I actually watched all of Raw on Monday. I did it with this blog in mind. I tried determining on my own what I felt were hits and misses on the show.

    What I found was that the segments involving Cody Rhodes, and the match w/ Orton, was the only hit of the entire night. I didn't find anything else even remotely intriguing. With this New Corporation storyline, Raw has ended the same exact way for 3 straight weeks. I find that hardly entertaining.

    Plus, Daniel Bryan's mismatch against The Big Show only serves to show that, in all honesty, and in all respect to Daniel Bryan as the underdog and the road he travelled, he's not a top guy. He's over with the crowd but I don't see him as someone who can potentially be a long term Top Guy. There's nothing realistic about that concept.
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    Are we really not mentioning Shelton Benjamin, Monty Brown, Maven, or Vader?
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