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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    wouldn't doubt if this ends up being the card. I hope it doesn't though
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    DB seems like the only possible choice if you ask me. However, I don't really see how they can make it until WM without facing each other. You got DB and Orton main eventing pretty much every ppv until Survivor Series, while DB takes on at least one Shield member every week on tv.

    That being said, there isnt anyone left for DB to keep the feud going. How many DB-Orton matches are we supposed to see? I would expect DB to possibly face HHH as early as the TLC ppv. The only other scenario I can think of is bringing in a new member to HHH's faction to keep DB busy for the winter.
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  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I figure Daniel Bryan will face HHH at WM30 even though I don't want him to. I want Bryan battling for the WWE title or Jericho. Out of the 5 though, I'd take Bryan over the 5 because I don't like or want rematches.Batista and Cena have faced HHH at Mania along with other times. I'd rather Rock/Austin stay retired than have another match with HHH or Taker. If Batista returns, I want him to face Brock Lesnar. Who do I want HHH to face? Dolph Ziggler!!
  4. MP.Brouser's Avatar
    Shawn Michaels? Even tough he is retired, hunter said in an interview that he wanted his last match against the Show Stopper. I can see it happening!
  5. rhyno535's Avatar
    Good blog, like your hits and misses. I share the same "problem" as you do. I feel that some matches are just boring to watch because they dont have any build up or storyline to it. Miz vs Orton had a story even if it seemed like a filler match. I really like how they are building the WWE championship title, but that is the only thing they are building.

    I dont like the total diva feud because first i dont like cameron even though she hasnt been involved and i dont like natalya. In my opinion she is very boring, the way she talks and the way she wrestles. Maybe WWEs fault but i feel that you can do so many things with the divas.

    There is to many guys just doing NOTHING. Where is the feud for the US title? Tag team title? IC title? I dont mean that you can only build up a feud with a title but the creative is doing nothing. I would love to see some creative guys only focusing on the midcard division.
  6. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Thanks man.... We apparaciate it and we will put your idea into consideration
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    Interesting blog. As far as future installments, I'd personally like to see y'all focus more on current topics (kinda like on PTI). For instance, maybe the worst/best matches of the week on WWE. Here's my scorecard for this blog:

    1. Anthony- the Booker/Angle bit wasn't that disturbing when compared to past Scott Steiner promos.
    2. OMB- the hand wins by a mile.
    3. OMB- I almost said neither but I decide to play along, I knew that Punk wasn't really leaving, DB was completely out of the blue.
    4. OMB- Although Kaval is way more talented than Otunga, he better embodies an actual bust since his career was super short.
    Winner: OMB
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