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  1. What's Best for Business: Predicting WWE Night of Champions 2013

    Another month and another WWE PPV comes. The card looks okay, but only two feuds have gotten significant time on Monday nights. Unlike other mid card matches that do get time. With a tag title match that got thrown together last minute and a US Title match that I totally forgot was here, this seems like it might be one of the worst PPV's of 2013 so far. Anyway, let's get right to the predictions. ...
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  2. WWE Raw 8-19-13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 9


    What a difference a day makes. Last week, everybody, myself included, didn't care for the McMahon Storyline. Well, I do now. I know there's still 8 months to go until Wrestlemania so the story will cool down, but for right now it's in full stride and I love it. With that being said let's jump straight into the hits and misses.
  3. WWE Raw 8/12/13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 8


    Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow: This was a pretty good match. I think Orton can elevate mid-carders to look like main eventers. Sandow looked good tonight and anothe example is when he faced off with Fandango the night after Money in the Bank. The story with Rhodes and Sandow was played out fine but I liked that they established exactly why ...
  4. Raw 8-5-13 Hits and Misses

    *Note: Sorry about there not being a blog last week but since Raw was taped I caved and looked at the spoilers. Therefore, I didn't watch it.

    Overall Score: 6


    The Daniel Bryan Makeover: I really liked the mic work that came out of this segment. Bryan made a lot of sense in what he was saying. He was spot on in comparing himself to John ...
  5. My Top 5: Greatest WWE Feuds Since 2005 Part 1

    Now, I've only been watching the WWE product since the beginning of 2005, hence why the title is 'Greatest WWE Feuds since '05'. With that being said, let's jump in shall we?

    #5 - Edge and The Undertaker 2008

    Back at No Way Out 2008 The Undertaker won a Number 1 Contendership Elimination Chamber match. Later that night, Edge retained his World Heavyweight Championship ...
  6. My Top 5: Greatest WWE Feuds Since 2005 Part 2

    Apparently in Part 1 I ran out of space, which I did know could happen, so I had to split this into 2 parts. Sorry about that. Let's resume.

    #2 - John Cena and Edge 2006

    I loved this feud. It gave Cena his biggest rival not named CM Punk, and it elevated Edge into a Hall of Famer. Back at WM 21, Edge won the inaugural MitB match whereas Cena won his 1st WWE Title. ...
  7. WWE Raw 7-22-13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 7


    WWE Championship Match Contract Signing: It was very interesting to see this open up the show. Usually contract signings for major titles are used for the ending. With that being said this was a pretty good segment. The way Cena built up Bryan was fantastic and his reason for picking him made sense. The ending of the segment was a little weird with the ...
  8. WWE Raw 7-15-2013 Hits and Misses

    *Note: Sorry I didn't do this blog last Monday but it was my birthday and my family took me out to eat so I didn't even get to watch Raw.

    Overall Score: 9.5


    Opening Segment: I actually liked the opening segment very much. It showed that the crowd was going to be hot tonight and ushered in the "Maddox Era" just fine. The real reason I liked this ...
  9. My Summerslam Card

    So if you read my blogs on this fabulous website you know I predominately do a Raw Hits and Misses blog every week and a Be the Booker blog for every PPV. I am going to start to incorporate a new blog now. After every PPV I will make the next card for the upcoming one. I'm not going to make any dream matches or anything but instead I will put matches that are rumored to take place and matches that ...

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  10. Three Steps to Make John Cena Heel

    Are you like me? Have you been waiting for a John Cena heel turn for a long time now? It seems like it should have happened already but never took place. I mean, he is the face of the franchise but his character has gotten stale since around 2008/2009. All the little kid jokes, putting down the heels, and overcoming the odds has been dragged on for too long now. Here our my three easy steps too make ...
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