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  1. Is John Cena the 21st Century's Version of Hulk Hogan?

    When I say the name John Cena most of you will either applaud or boo loudly. JC is one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling today. So to mention his name with one of wrestling's most beloved figures seems crazy. Right? Not in my opinion and I'll tell you why.

    1. Marketability - Though many people hate him, his merchandise sells. Kids look up to him. He has transcended wrestling. ...
  2. Is TNA the Whole F*in Show?

    Hey Everyone!

    Watched the Whole F*in Show over the weekend and it was in the Miz's language awesome. Best TNA show of the year so far.

    What Worked:

    1. Less Talking more Fighting - TNA has done what they should have been doing for months, let their wrestlers, wrestle. All of the matches were good but there were some surprising MVP's.

    2. Longer ...
  3. The State of TNA

    I'm not gonna hate on TNA like most people. I think TNA started off well, a six-sided ring, a great X-Division, a unique women's knockout division. People leading the company who could be major players (Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe). Then it made the one mistake that it is still making...trying to be like WWE, WCW, and now ECW.

    WWE is a multi-million dollar company and ...

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