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Are Fans Too Hard on John Cena

John Cena isn't my favorite wrestler but I have mad respect for his work. The first thing fans point out is his 5 MOVES OF DOOM.I've been watch for over 20 years and I've noticed that mostly everybody uses only 5 or 6 moves. I've seen Cena use a hurricanrana or a drop kick every now and then.Whould you rather see him use what he knows or try something out of his game and injure himself or his opponent.Fans say that he doesn't put guys over or he buries guys.He put Sheamus over at TLC 09, Miz at WM 27, Ziggler at TLC 2012. He took weekly beat downs from the The Nexus and The Shield.He even put K-Fed over. Now people always say the only reason he loses is because his opponents cheat. WWE rarely has their top babyface lose clean unless it's to another babyface. I agree that he does need a character change and maybe he does need to turn heel but it's got to be a shock that no one will see coming.I don't think he's just going walk out on Raw and say okay I'm a heel now,it's got to be something shocking that fans will remember. I think John Cena is a good worker and he does his job as a top guy. He sells merchandise and draws money. Some fans don't like it but can anybody else carry the ball.
That's my opinion. HOLLA AT YA BOY, PEACE

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