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  1. GaryBallantyne's Avatar
    this would be fucking epic, i would love to see a fellow Scot's man world champ!!!
  2. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    or sleep with a mcmahon.
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    It may be too late for Drew to recover his former glory. Like Triple H back in '97 Vince soured on Trips & tried to do the same crap thats being done with Drew, but Triple H being a natural fighter(unlike Drew), he didn't just bend over & take it up the behind. If Drew truely wants a future in WWE & wants to be the chosen one again he's only got to do one thing......Stand up to Vince!
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Agree that orton needs to turn heel but can't see the shield teaming with the viper ... He has been out the title seen for a whio now also the shield need some gold soon but this has been wwe's best long project in years
  5. Lavablob77's Avatar
    If anything I'd like Rock to wrestle Cena one final time in a 3rd match and go over clean or simply destroy him. Somebody really needs to do Superman over to the point he's literally dead in the ring. Has there ever been a more teeth grindingly cringe worthy childish babyish loser in wrestling more than John Cena?

    I doubt it.
  6. Lavablob77's Avatar
    Orton induces coma's he's so dull. Really just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    He's definately mid card material now and if Rock ever decides to come back for one last match you can bet your bottom dollar Vince will beg him to to help sell WM30, he won't wrestle Orton.
    Just the thought of Rock putting him over too is laughable.
  7. blink's Avatar
    Not bad but the shield needs to be left alone. No leader. No new members. Theyre perfect.

    @cult: im sure rock and orton would face off if there was money to be made. I dont see personal differences stopping that. Plus theyve already gone at it at a previous mania. Oh and rock & cena cant stand each other but they still worked together. Money sways all my friend
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