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    and just because they gave kofi the us title doesnt mean he doesnt need a push and a heel turn...hell if done correctly he could be an awesome wwe champion with the right stable(big e, titus and darren, rtruth,shelton,mark henry, bobby lashley and hell even bring back mvp and have a new nation of domination)
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    I think the balance between faces and heels is a little uneven at the moment.
    Most of the current faces are either part timers or John Cena who most people boo.
    The only thing that makes a good heel effective is a good face.
    I think Kofi is genuinely liked by most people and just needs pushing further up the card before considering a heel turn.
  3. iiamtripp's Avatar
    Yea ive been checking out the great one. Hes great. N yea I oosted this before Raw and it saddens me that hes that guy u five the belt to when u want to find someone to put it on. And Great One. I agree. Kofi needs A LOT of attitude with him. It just suck that u got ppl with so much talent and theyre used for shit
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    Quote Originally Posted by THE PAINFUL TRUTH

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    Appreciate support.....
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    Watching Raw not expecting another title change. Kofi beats cesaro. Mic is in Kofi's face expecting heel turn coming....disappointed. What is the point of another midcard reign of a boom boom boom. Their is a reason I'm not a huge fan of Kofi's....he doesn't give me what I want via entertainment. Love the moves and all, but I want an attitude. My fav wrestlers right now: Dolph, Sandow, PTP, Daniel Bryan all have an attitude about them. they bring something different to the show when they come on your tv screen.
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    Not your fault but terrible timing on this blog being posted. I assume you submitted this blog before Raw and that it was posted earlier today on Tuesday. Regardless, as I am sure you know, Kofi just won the US belt last night from Cesaro. Therefore, don't expect your wishful heel turn to happen anytime soon b/c it looks like once again, Kofi is going to be a temporary champion for a midcard belt. I assume Kofi will stay champ until the WWE finds another heel that they think can carry the one time prestigious, now joke of a belt US Title.
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    the thing is though people would rather call miz a heel, so they will consider it to b miz has turned heel and kofi is just angry. they need him to first stop giving the love and posing, then get him to attack miz, to then get him to grab the mic and tell them they havent given the best wrestler in the world a chance and now he is going to do it without them, to him they r just nobody's. that is what i would do.
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