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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Personally, I'd rather get the time back used to read this mediocre attempt at humorous troll comments you might think to be “jokes” on the evaluation of a show before I asked back for the time spent watching the Angle/Bully/Ortiz segment. Sorry man, but you flavor of obviously negative humor is just not my thing. Don't worry about the need of FRC garments from this as I am not going to pick on you for your choice towards a cheap attempt to garner a reaction from both anti and pro TNA wrestling fans. I just find it sad that this is what some think to be a good usage of their time rather than actually improving in some form or facet of life.
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Well I did read the spoilers, just to see if I wanted to watch this week.
    The show wasn't as good as I thought it would be.
    We start off with Taz and Anderson doing their best NWO impersonations, bullying announcers.
    Then we have to sit and listen to both do commentary.........eeewwwww
    Of course we get Bully to open the in ring stuff.....Brooke stop calling him Mark.

    Joe vs Hardy match was good, but Joe gets pinned because Anderson stood up?

    Another MMA fighter in the ring for Angle to tell them, this is my ring, you better respect it.
    They go ok and shake hands..
    Again another good match with Daniels and Kaz, but the ending, I guess it was ok.

    Totally skipped through the tag match with Storm and Gunner, ODB.

    Then finally we get Sabin and his Mafia partner, and it's Sting.....Taz goes all no no no that's not fair.
    Ugh!! Oh well it's not Sting but Angle.
    Sabin shows again that NO he is not World Championship material.
    Unfortunately he needs the likes of Sting and Angle to help boost him up, into championship material.
    He really needs to show some strength in the cage, and win to get that momentum, of being thought as a World Champ.

    The BFG series matches were good, the endings not so much.
    Overall a decent but not great show.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Oh and I love Magnus, but give him a real dang finisher! The Magnus driver (which we didn't see tonight) is not working for me and although the top rope elbow drop is cool too many people have done it in the past.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    This episode just goes to show you that you can't judge a show by spoilers. This sounded like it was going to be awful and it turned out to be pretty good. Not one of their best showings but definitely enough to enjoy.

    TNA is on their "bring back what people liked in the past" streak (bringing back Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, the Main Event Mafia) and returned the top form Bobby Roode. What made Roode great is that he was a great wrestler but then also a cheater when he needs to be. Great stuff. I don't mind him teaming with Bad Influence if it's to help each other out rather than to be a new stable.

    Hardy vs. Joe was great although end seemed a bit botched to me. Didn't quite connect that Anderson was distracting Joe, but oh well.

    That stupid Tito Ortiz/Angle/Bully Ray segment. It felt so rushed and lacked any focus.

    The crowd actually made me excited to see Storm and Gunner but it was a bummer that ODB didn't get a tag in the match. In her return she showed much more variety in her offense than I have seen from her in the past and I was looking forward to her and Mickie wrestling.

    Feel free to laugh, but I think Jesse Godderz has a future as a high midcarder. Seems like he has personality, great intensity, and he did a good job of selling getting the taste kicked out of his mouth.

    I liked that final tag match but I agree with you that Sabin should have gotten more legitimate offense in. I will be very disappointed if next week's match is a "I'll hurt your arm" vs. "I'll hurt your knee" cage match. Both guys can go, so show what they can do.
  5. Anyrysm's Avatar
    Raw has been solid over the past two months, so we were due for a downer. It could have been a lot worse, but I agree that they missed a lot of golden opportunities. My biggest beef is with Vince McMahon...It's not the the 90's anymore and he's no longer the premier villain in wrestling...enough with the god-awful promos and dragged out family feud. I've seen that story one too many times to enjoy it anymore.
  6. Nexus_overide's Avatar
    OMG not going to let the chance of chared kids ruin your fun... priceless
  7. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    Impact has had so many good shows, that the one show with a massive fail ending suddenly means the company sucks altogether. Not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing.
    I know I'll be watching.
    They've had a shitty month, but who doesn't? It was about time that are their faults were brought to light, and the angry reaction from fans should let them know what they're doing wrong.. Although, I hope they don't listen too much because I do like Taz on commentary unlike some, haha.
    I'm also glad Angle is getting help. They need to stop hiding shit under the rug, and embrace their issues in order to learn from them.
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