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  1. Random Thoughts: The Honeymoon is Over & Another Raw

    Oh boy, there’s trouble in paradise people.

    The Honeymoon is Over
    So, everyone probably read the dirt sheets by now. As every suspected, there appears to be more to the injury than originally told. And it makes it look more and more like The Rock deliberately put the WWE in a tight spot by never trying to reach out to them that he was leaving. And it looks as though The ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Random Thoughts: Mistakes, A Letter to the WWE Universe, and IMPACT WRESTLING 4-11-13

    Well, it’s another day in the wrestling world, as today I decide to focus the main attraction of this blog to TNA in order to decrease the amount of readers because...well, if you like WWE you have to hate TNA, right? But let’s do a little clean up duty first.

    Flubs and Screw ups

    • Last time, I mentioned that the Rock was no longer on the Atlantic side
  3. Random Thoughts: Raw 4-8-13

    Well, one of the safest Wrestlemanias is over. Vince McMahon finished his orgasm that was Rock-Cena II, everything was a story book ending, there were no big surprises or twists. The Universe is in perfect balance and it is now time to start the new WWE year.

    Probably doesn't help that the new WWE year is starting with the Rock no showing Raw.

    Now all we ...

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