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  1. SyrusRiddick's Avatar
    Wait your saying there was character progression with cena after he dropped the rapper gimmick 8 years ago? When the piss did that happen i mean with the exception of him changing shirt colors?
  2. Steve Allen's Avatar
    i cant stand cena or the majority of his matches as they bore the living shit out of me. He is stale as you get, he was only interesting when he did the raps and stuff but even that got old. His promos bore me, he cant seem to grasp when there is need for comedy and when it needs more serious tones, look at the rock, he cracks me up ever time I watch him but when it comes to the more serious promos he knows how to build for a match and make u want to see it.
  3. VegasModman's Avatar
    Fact why I like Cena, HE WORKS HIS ASS OFF FOR US, love him or hate him. Still Freshness is needed to bring likability back to his character, I agree
  4. aweso_me's Avatar
    I like Cena in the sense that I like what he stands for. WWE wanted to make a new Hulk Hogan and they did. The problem is that as you say, we all know what he is going to do next. My wife and I change the channel when he starts talking because it's the same thing over and over. He would benefit from a heel turn ala Hogan because one thing that he and the WWE needs to realize is that his young fans start growing up and start wanting other characters. I heard he has a lot of pull but maybe he is not pulling for a heel turn because of the $ he will be losing.
  5. Am I Strange?'s Avatar
    Agreed, he doesn't need a heel turn (although I would enjoy that) he does need to make some changes, even just being a more serious face rather than everything is a joke face. Every time someone insults him in a promo he laughs it off and no matter how much of a nice guy someone is, in reality that would get to you. Which to me is whats wrong, he is too much of a smiley nicey nice face that there is no realism to it somehow.

    Although I don't believe his limited moveset is down to him, I personally think he has been told to take no risks in ring as Vince is so paranoid about losing his cash cow for even a short while that he's been told to take no risks (apart from the piledriver against punk I cant remember the last time he took a "risky" move since his feud with edge?)
  6. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    I totally agree he progressed till he got to the top , he should carry around a box of crackers he's that cheesy now ... I prefer the thugonomics gimmick it gave him abit of attiitude and when he destroyed the rock during last years build up to mania I thought it was back but it was for 1 week only lol ... He can perform and do lots of diffrent moves but he's to lazy , creative are to lazy fuck the whole wwe has got lazy recently ! The more wishes he makes the less chance of anysort of heel turn / character progresion

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