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    What about Christian? Bryan Danielson, Wade Barett, Joe Hennig, Ted DiBiase, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd (when they stop being a tag team ), Zack Ryder if he gets a new gimick and a new finisher, Kenny King (ROH) if this guy could get a chance to show how far he has progressed he could breathe new life into the mainstream wrestling game.
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    Sheamus - Don't think he has the charisma to take over at the top. Not very convincing as a heel. Would be even worse as a face in my opinion.

    Drew Mcintyre - No. Character is poor. Decent in the ring but the whole 'choosen one' tag is a waste o time. Hasn't grown on me at all.

    Edge - Brilliant. One of my favourate performers in WWE. Brilliant as a heel and brilliant as a face. Got alot of time for him. One problem is his injuries.

    Randy Orton - Like the way they have reinvented his character. RKO just a brilliant finisher love it. Think he should be given a bit more mic time to improve his character as he is good on the mic.

    Jack Swagger - Not a fan. His push kind of went wrong tbh. Decvent in the ring but really lacking charisma needs to take a step back and reinvent his character.

    The Miz - Gotta agree with everyone else. Miz is brilliant love his catchphrase. Love his money in the bank win. Needs to drop the US title though. Good on the mic. Charismatic. Decent in the ring. WWE need to continue his push as in my opinion he is the brightest talent they have who can do everything.

    Kofi Kingston - Needs a heel turn. Decent enough wrestler just bit bored if him now. Needs more mic time as i don't think i've ever really seen him on the mic.

    Dolph Ziggler - Not a fan of him at all. Don't think he will lead the company.

    Evan Bourne - I like evan bournes ability. If WWE continue his push he could be around for a while. Need a new highflyer to take over from Rey as i feel he is passed hisbest now.

    Jon Morrison - I like Morrison as well. His in ring work is brilliant and i also like him on the mic. Starship pain is a sic finisher as well. He has brilliant potential.

    Just was wondering why people didn't mention Ted DiBiase i like his charcter i also think he has a young Orton feel about him. I definately can see him getting to the top. Having Maryse in tow helps as well to push his character as a heel and also she is beyond hot. CM Punk i like his mic and in ring skills. In need of a move to raw and a push on there as i like him as a heel. I still can't believe Chrisitan has not got a push. This man is my fave wrestler in the WWE by a long way. Like his in ring work and if you get him on the mic then he is actually the best the WWE has. His character in TNA was brilliant and he really neeeds more air time to show how good he is. Personally i think he could lead a company if given the rightr push. He is brilliant as a heel and brilliant as a face. WWE needs to sort themselves out and give him the push he deserves as surey his punishment for going to TNA is over. If he doesn't get this push i think he should definately go back to TNA.
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    - Sheamus: I liike Sheamus because he can hold his own and he didn't need a manager or a diva at his side to get him over. He didn't need Vince or anyone thrown into his storylines to get him over as a heel. He is doing great!

    - Drew McIntyre: I feel like WWE tried their best to make him heel but no one really cares about him, which is worse. He just doesn't have anything that sparks my interest but everyone starts somewhere. I hope they use him right.

    - Edge: I like Edge but I feel like he is in between storylines right now, not a total face and not a total heel. He needs his own storyline to showcase how amazing he is.

    - Randy Orton: I think Randy can play either heel or face exceptionally well. And the fans really like him because he isn't being forced on us as a face and the change from heel to face was slow and well planned in my opinion. I also hope he wins the title Sunday at Summerslam. WWE has been teasing a Randy Orton title reign for a long time, I'd like to see it happen!

    - Jack Swagger: I don't really think the fans accepted him like WWE thought. No one likes him but not because he is a heel because his push was rushed and a waste of time in my opinion. I am glad he isn't champion anymore. He doesn't really know how to run a good promo and that's an important trait you need. He is a great wrestler though.

    - The Miz: He's great! I think Miz has it all and he is being slowly pushed which is how it should be done. He should loose the United States title though, there are some other guys that could use that push. Miz is one of the best heels in WWE right now and I wouldn't mind seeing him cash in his MitB contract soon!

    - Kofi: Kofi is very over with the fans so I feel like even though he lost the IC championship he still has a lot to give and the fans will stay behind him.

    - Dolph Ziggler- I'm kind of bothered by Ziggler just because it seems like they wanted him to be a heel so they threw Vickie behind him. Not that it didn't work but it's kind of a cheap way to get heat. At least he is on TV now though.

    - Evan Bourne: We didn't see him for a week or two and I didn't really miss him. I know he is a great wrestler and high-flyer but like I said with Edge, he needs a feud so he can showcase his character and maybe work on his promos.

    - John Morrison: John was better on Smackdown because they didn't have anyone like him. He's an amazing talent and I want him to not have to team with R-Truth anymore.

    - John Cena: John is still by far the more popular and I keep hearing less and less booing since he began his angle with Nexus. I like John and I feel like he really loves what he does and he really does care about his fans.
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    I actually have really enjoyed CM Punk's increased mic skills and in ring presence over the last year. He is an amazing heel with great charisma. I normally don't watch Smackdown very often but have tuned in lately to see Punk and Ziggler rise to prominence.
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    I think Orton could be the face of the company, because he is the complete package. He has the look, the speaking ability, and the actual talent. He really isn't boring like Cena and 90% of the crowd either love him or hate him depending on his character. A far future leader could be the Miz. His mic skills are superb and he is a decent wrestler. A few more years under his belt and he could be the main man of the WWE.
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    Not here to start a Cena debate but.... he is here to stay whether we like him or not. Hes doing a fine job in my book.

    I'd like to see Dolph Ziggler get a push. Hes got an amazing look of a champion to me and the "swagger" of a top notch heel. I hate the pairing of him with Vicky though, that sucks lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tina293
    Talent wise, WWE is taking some huge hits. However, some of the current talent do have what it takes to be top tier stars.

    *Drew McIntyre, Dolph, Jack Swagger, Kofi: I gotta admit I stopped watching Smackdown years ago. The show is no longer as entertaining and worth as it used to be. I have heard enough about these guys through the site though and if they pop up Raw on every now and again, I've seen what they're really made of. Jack Swagger annoys the absolute hell out of me. Why he was even given the world title is beyond me. His character does nothing for me as a fan. He has all the wrestling ability in the world, but him not being able to back it up on the mic turns off me of him as a fan. Dolph and Drew are in line for big pushes sometime soon. It'll be good to hear about what happens with them, especially now that Dolph is IC champ. Poor Kofi though...maybe next time he should pay better attention in the ring and not botch match choreography, especially when dealing with Randy Orton. He was exactly what it takes to be world champion but that one moment screwed it all up. It probably would not have been a big deal if Randy hadn't showed his ass about it, but he did. Too bad Kofi's paying for it on Smackdown/

    *Evan: Love the little guy. Took one hell of a RKO! He's so electric in ring and really amazing to watch

    *John: JoMo is another guy I love to watch. Some of the moves he pulls off in the ring are unbelievable. I think Starship pain is the only finisher I look forward to seeing. Definitely wwe title worthy. He needs to be put a good storyline asap.

    *Edge: What to say here? Edge is very witty, I give him that. I just wish that this stupid PG rating didn't get in the way of his "Rated-R" style. I hope he can avoid injury, though he himself that he hasn't got much left in his tank.

    *Randy Orton: Forgetting about his pissy attitude that shows itself every so often, he's one of the best there is and on top of still so damn young, younger than some of the new guys. I would like him to win the title at SSlam this Sunday, quite simply because he's the total package.

    *Miz: AWESOME!!!

    *Sheamus: I wasn't too keen on him at first, but he is a bulldozer. He's definitely got all the potential in the world. WWE should just keep building on it. If they do, then there's nothing that can stop him from becoming a major star.
    Thanks for your feedback
    I am with you on Starship Pain being an amazing visual finisher its just to quote Ron Simmon "DAMN!"
    I was like you I didnt watch smackdown but I feel they have the stronger roster at the minute (plus no cena BONUS!) and i usually watch Smackdown after Orton.Sheamus.Miz has been on.
    Orton does have that problem with discapline but I think he feeds on the fans knowing that he has, I think if he tryed to change he would lose that edge
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