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  1. WWE Star In Need Of A Major Push Is...

    One rising star that in my opinion is in need of a major push and that I would love to see main eventing one day would be Big E Langston. There's something about Big E that I enjoy and his wrestling ability is fantastic. Big E is a former Iowa Hawkeye Defensive Tackle and when it comes to wrestling he has "it" in my opinion. After seeing Big E face Dean Ambrose at Hell In A Cell I knew that ...
  2. My Thoughts on WWE's No Blood and No Head Chair Shots Policies

    One of the biggest issues some have with WWE is that there is little to no blood seen in WWE nowadays and if there is, they delay the match to stop the bleeding. Now first off I want to state that I am a fan of Wrestling and have been for over 10 years now and I do enjoy the affect that blood brings to matches.

    Many people will blame the lack of blood ...
  3. Thoughts On The Best WWE Pay-Per-View

    After all these years of watching Wrestling there is one PPV that always stood out to me. I remember watching it Live on TV like it was yesterday. That PPV is Survivor Series 2003. Survivor Series 2003 had the best lineup and made history in more than once that night.

    Not counting the Sunday Night Heat match with Tajiri and Jamie Noble we would ...

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