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  1. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    i totally agree the build is just not there or its not consistent. Vinnie mac is changing the raw plans on the fly every week it seems now. it puts more stress on creative and the superstars themselves now hopefully with the wee spending more money on creative and hhh having the input now things are slowly changing. with the wrestlers now starting to be able to go off bullets instead of a full script the build up magic can now be greater hopefully classic. it sucks being thrown in between feuds it ruins the flow of what should be important which is being consistent and getting it done right... good job again
  2. shortncurly's Avatar
    Good first post. I have to agree with you here. WWE and TNA both have this problem. To me it is a problem of misplaced priorities. Nowadays the TV product is seen as more important than the PPVs, which financially makes sense, but it really hurts the product. When you book your company based on last weeks ratings the storylines and continuity gets lost in the shuffle. For WWE it seems like they just have way to much going on to even keep track. WWE puts out around 8 hours of new programming every week, that is a ton. As for TNA, it seems like they have no clue and are watching WWE to be their example.
  3. GaryBallantyne's Avatar
    also it is not easy to build up a match or a ppv when you have a part timer as wwe champion, the wwe champion should be one of the big selling points and so far the road to wrestlemania is missing what it revolves around, the wwe championship, also the mid-carders are getting thrown to the side to get a feud that nobody likes shoved in our face so that it forces us to enjoy it.
  4. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Its true PPV's dont get enough build but thats mainly because they have to build up Raw, Smackdown and even Main Event. I wish WWE would focus more on the so called "mid-card" matches as equally as the main event of the particular PPV.
  5. ewantu2's Avatar
    I agree. But every PPV this year so far has got good build (Then again it's WM time) Lets hope they can keep it up. And not have "I hate you lets fight" feuds.

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