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    If anything TNA should be far more selective in their hirings. They should look at EVERYTHING when they're in the process of hiring a talent... not JUST in-ring talent but charisma and presence as well. They should only hire people whom they believe will be beneficial to them in the long run and whom they believe they can actually USE in the long run. IMHO some of the wrestlers you recommended them to sign don't even have the complete package. Roderick Strong is pretty bland, for example. Jack Evans, great wrestler but he's got that Spanky aura. Gen Me, great wrestlers but zero connection to the crowd. Ditto with Johnny Devine and Lance Hoyt. Ibushi will get lost in the shuffle especially since I doubt he speaks English.

    However I completely agree that they should give the younger talent shots. Hogan, Sting, and Flair won't live forever and most others are at the prime of their careers so it would be a waste to see them spend their prime in the midcard. AJ and Joe don't need so much exposure anymore since they've already proven so much but it would help if they were in the uppercard from time to time if only to remind people who they are and why they deserve to be at the top.

    Aside from good, solid, long-term storylines that they shouldn't screw up, somewhere down the road they should also travel more and see exactly which wrestlers different crowds respond to and then base who they push on that, not exactly who they themselves prefer. I fear that Hogan has a huge say in who does and does not get pushed and that, combined with his mentality regarding wrestlers, is rather dangerous.

    But that's just me. The bottom line is that they should actually stick to that whole "Wrestling Matters Here" business. Because if you have that sort of tagline but then put on a 2-hour show with over an hour of promo-cutting and backstage whatevers and maybe just twelve minutes of wrestling TOTAL then that's quite hypocritical in anyone's book.
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    Ok first of all I completely disagree with this diatribe that you're selling. Firing a bunch of guys and hiring new ones is not the answer for TNA. I think they just need more TV time and a better direction for the storylines. The increased tv time would do wonders for their stories by allowing more time for the little details that would make you the paying fan care about the story itself. TNA needs to get a 2nd program up and running because the 2 hrs they have a week is not nearly enough to showcase all of the talent they have.
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    They always have room to tweak TNA. Have you seen Hogans back I mean really come on dude. He is the boss bro he cant do much man it probably takes alot to sit down. To put him in a fight with Sting that would be like Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett. You cant man he cant move like that anymore man. How you going to say fire Hogan and the crew dude are you stupid or what???
    Who runs WWE?? Think moron experience right, duh! STay away from writing articles about wrestling when you really dont know what your talking about. Triple H is running WWE now with Vince still the main boss of course. But dude Hulk Hogan is the man with Rick Flair, Sting the Icon and man who is 52 years old and still banging it with the best. Man let me stop you don't know what your talking about I been doing this for 32 years.
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    i agree on most of it apart from matt morgan vs crimson mainly because morgan is a former tna heavyweight champ and overall awesome wrestler and i don't see why he needs to prove himself to be 'the next big star' when is capable of pulling off some off the best matches.
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    So you're master plan to "save" TNA IA to fire everybody who has a name. Fire everybody everybody knows and then hire names that SOME people know? :/ Sorry buddy I'm not even gonna bother with anything else.
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    @Theiconsting, I have stated that I do realise they bring in ratings and the profile of TNA. But who benefits from a 20 minute Hogan promo at the beginning of every iMPACT? Sting defeating Mr. Anderson, who chased for 4 months, only to drop it a month later? Sting and Hogan are both legends in the industry but what will happen if both cant compete at Bound For Glory? Who has been built up to take their place? The one thing the MEM storyline did was make the younger stars credible to face the bigger stars like Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting and Nash. I also am not overly excited to see AJ-Daniels fued once again as even though both are amazing talent. it has happened in 2005,2006 and 2009 among others. Put Robert Roode/James Storm/ Kaz or another young talent in that spot and see what happens.
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