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  1. My Opinion of TNA and How to Possibly Fix It.

    May I just say first of all I am not a TNA hater. I watch TNA and from the period 2005-early 2011 I prefered TNA over WWE. I am a firm believer that TNA succeeding will benefit the overall business of wrestling. I also understand that having Hulk Hogan and RVD in TNA no doubt increases the profile of TNA. However after watching the last two weeks, all I can say is ugh.

    TNA is being ...
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  2. My Opinion of WWE

    Let me first start off and say i am an irish wrestling fan who attends TNA and WWE events when available and for the summer i have stayed up until 2am to watch RAW live and i also watch Smackdown and iMPACT every week.

    I do not read spoilers so i did not know what was going to happen this week. I missed this weeks RAW on monday and it only occured to me earlier on today to look up what ...

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