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  1. weems's Avatar
    Great Blog. How they don't have Sting vs NWO or WCW v NWO on the list is beyond a mystery. Also, I am not sure how Tazz v Sabu made the list. Raven v Dreamer was by far the best rivalry in ECW but oh well.
    Any chance you can write your next blog and do a "Worst 25 Rivalries of all time." Here are a few that come to mind: New Bloods vs. WCW/Old Boys Club, Kidman v Hogan, AJ Styles v Claire Lynch.
  2. body slam's Avatar
    Rock-N-Roll Express vs The Midnight Express - by far one of if not the greatest rivalry on tag team history
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    How can you hate Austin/Macmahon? It was the quintessential feud of the attitude era.

    I agree that Sting-Hogan deserved a spot, probably top 10 worthy. Your other ones were all good points, except for Warrior-Hogan. There wasn't much animosity between the two, and the feud was short lived.

    Hogan-Piper should have also been top 10, as well, not 21.
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    WCW/ECW vs. WWE should be on there, I hate WWE's number one choice, and all of yours make sense, especially your number 1
  5. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Taker v Cena better served at WM 30, Wouldn't have Rock go over Bryan, wouldn't have Ryback as WHC, happier having Swagger v Del Rio, wouldn't put Henry in a MITB match, nor the IC Champion, Flair should never wrestle again, Iron Man match wouldn't work these days no matter how much Da Attitudez Era marks want them.
    Your Shield match would be good, close to what will probably happen. Would like to see Lesnar v Punk at some point but I prefer the current set up at Mania.
  6. TheHorn's Avatar
    There's too much of a David vs. Goliath vibe going on with this fantasy card.

    Rock/Bryan for this years Mania would be a joke. Let Bryan actually have a Mania match that lasts longer than 10 seconds before he goes face to face with someone that draws like the Rock. Bryan has a very bright future, but your delusional to think he's ready for that spot right now. He certainly has the talent to get there one day, but he's no where close right now. The Rock would squash him faster than Sheamus did, and be back on set before the last fan left the building.

    Also can't picture Punk/Lesnar. The scenario literally makes me think of the old MTV celebrity death match. I can picture Lesnar eating Punk and crapping out a chunk of skin with a Cobra tattoo on it.

    There's just no way this fantasy card is better than the current one. Bryan is doing great in the role he's been given with Kane and I'm sure Punk is over the moon to get to be one of the last couple or few guys to get to work with Taker.

    That said, I do like your other matches with the exception of the figure four lock challenge. Ric Flair should never appear in public in his underwear again! Did you see The Simpsons last Sunday when Grampa Simpson was a wrestler? That's Ric Flair in his skivvies.
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  7. Bagg's Avatar
    Bravo man, just makes me angry reading it and thinking of what should have been. A beauty card, makes sense, I think what a lot of us thought mania was going to look like on the undercard for the most part. And with Rock and Bryan near the top like that, im salivating. And remember how wwe stars on the current roster cant get over or sell tickets or do squat. Guess what a win over the Rock on the biggest stage of them all would have done for Daniel Bryan. But nah, Cena needs the rub. Im so mad, I need to stop reading these blogs. lol, thanks tho man, we can dream cant we.
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