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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Should also mention Gentleman Chris Adams v Terry Taylor. That feud spilled over into 2 feds.
    or Chris Adams vs Kevin Von Erich
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    I can't believe I forgot Austin vs Bret and Flair vs Hogan. And one from ECW Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko. If you look at the WWE's list they did go a little Triple H crazy.

    25 – Triple H vs Mick Foley
    18 – Randy Orton vs Triple H
    13 – Triple H vs The Rock
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    Yeah Owen vs Bret is weird it's not on there. Warrior and Hogan actually really never fueded at all. Looking over the list I find myself wondereing where Austin vs Bret is. That ran roughly a year while Bret was gone from WWF with the Pillman/Austin taunting, their match at Survivor Series, the interference at IYH: It's Time, the Rumble, Final Four, WM13, and then the change up with Bret as heel leading into July's Canadian Stampede PPV. The fact that's missing is terrible cause there's some great stuff they could've covered. And honestly, Foley vs HHH? Where in the hell is either Foley vs Vader or Foley vs Funk which took place over several companies. Harley Race's stuff is seriously missing, and I blame this on the DVD likely being into production prior to Bruno's acceptance, but take ur pick there with several guys.
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    Should also mention Gentleman Chris Adams v Terry Taylor. That feud spilled over into 2 feds.
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    Glad they list Freebirds v Von Erichs in the top 10. That feud lasted for years and carried World Class.
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    Where's Hogan/Flair?
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    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr. McMahon deserves to be right where it is. At that time no one had ever attacked there real boss in that way and when Austin stunned McMahon the first time people went nuts including the guys in the back. It may be the most remembered storyline and feud of the 1990's besides WCW vs NWO or DX vs WCW. And they've eve tried that storyline over and over with differen't guy's but it's never worked (Punk vs HHH, Laurinaitis vs Punk, Austin vs Bishoff) That feud happened at the perfect time and the perfect fan base so I think it deserves to be #1.

    Any chance you can write your next blog and do a "Worst 25 Rivalries of all time." Here are a few that come to mind: New Bloods vs. WCW/Old Boys Club, Kidman v Hogan, AJ Styles v Claire Lynch.
    I'll try to work on one but it'll take some time. The New Bloods vs WCW (Millionaire's Club) was bad. And Kidman vs Hogan might be a good feud if Kidman had been built up better. But to just thrown at Hogan just because that needed new stars was a bad idea. It would be like throwing Heath against Cena and expecting us to think he has a chance. Heath would need a build up.
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