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    "Honestly I think Rocky has enuf charisma and athletic ability to
    make a HUGE impact on the WWF. (not to mention he's easy on this
    poor ole ladies eyes)"
    Lol this dude called it.

    Nice blog
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK
    They had the internet in 1991?
    Yes, actually since 1980 people have been posting messages in Usenet groups. There was of course no World Wide Web, but Usenet was the main place to voice your opinions on all topics. Early forums I guess.
  3. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    They had the internet in 1991?
  4. KingWade's Avatar
    I've always wanted to see something like this. I suppose it just shows that no matter how good the product gets, there will always be negativity from some angle and the pessamists will always be very vocal on here. Only when an era is considered over do most begin talking about how good it was after slagging it off during its course. Good blog though mate, if you could get more of this stuff together, it would be good to see what people were actually saying during 98-2001
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    This is brilliant! I'd love to see more of this
  6. daveyrichards's Avatar
    good stuff, do you have more of this? :-D

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