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  1. blink's Avatar
    Well swagger didnt fail a wwe drug test so didnt he technically not violate their wellness policy? Even still, does weed wind up with a suspension? Or is it just a fine? I cant recall. Anyways if things were to come of it, it most likely wouldve already happened. But seeing as how he is still winning and looking dominant in the process over established stars like the miz, i think its a safe bet that he still could very well win the title at mania. Del rio looks better chasing the gold and itd be nothing but a positive move for swagger and his new gimmick to have the title right now. Even more so with the win happening at mania. May just be wishful thinking on my part seeing as how im a big swagger mark.
  2. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Ziggler needs to stay out of this story line. MITB isn't until July. There's plenty of time to let this feud continue without being too rushed. They should let it last until at least Extreme Rules before involving Dolph.

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