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  1. Bagg's Avatar
    ya im going to have to go with Coulter is only helping Swagger. ewantu2 is right, with the exception really of punk, cesaro and sandow. all the heels are the same with minor tweeks here and there, this at least is something different. Ill give Swagger this though, he has been MURDERING ppl in the ring lately, which leads me to think they could in fact put him on his own at some point soon
  2. kctippens's Avatar
    Thanks. I was more less pointing out to the rumors that someone is going to reveal they are the Shield leader. Cena would be my choice. All tho shield is doing very well by themselves. As far as Swagger goes, just not sure about the route they are going with him. I don't see it going well. Wish they would have found something different with him. Maybe do what he is doing without this Colter guy. Just not a huge fan of Colter.
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    If your Swagger idea came true = "I'm Swagger and I'm like 90% of all other heels hope i entertain"
  4. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    good blog I enjoyed it!. Although I disagree on your last two points. The Shield to me are doing great with their 3 man wrecking crew style group, they look legitimate and a threat, for me Cena Doing an N.W.O Heel turn would be both pointless and Damaging, not only to the company, But Cena and the Shield themselves. The Shield are built as 3 people who work as a cohesive unit with one goal, stamping out Injustice, Cena just wouldn't fit in that mold, besides you'd have to do a complete overhaul on Cena's character and I just don't think he can pull it off.

    secondly I firmly believe this is Swaggers last chance at reaching the top and it'll be his best, I personally enjoy the controversial angle and hope it continues.
    congrats on the blog it was rather well done set out, hope to read your blogs in the future

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